Friday, September 28, 2007

ofbiz r 580388

Deleting RunTimeData in job scheduler (578274)
Add currency of order to order header and payment pref view. This helps us tell what currency maxAmount is in. (578295)
Re-Factor WorkEffort permissions to follow new patterns (578473)
Ship to address is cleared if the ship to customer party is changed. (578818)
Fix bug in request-redirect when attributes contains error messages of type MessageString (578886)
New feature - assign parties to products (578930, 579376)
LoginServices NPE check (579088)
Added events to handle more than one shopping cart in session. (579148)
Fix wrong permission for recreateOrderAdjustment (579241)*
First step in the process of refactoring the permission checks on order's creation/update. (579242, 579248)
Added result-to-result feature for seca rules (579424)
fix startup issues in SQL Server and other databases, including the latest version of Derby (579551)
Upgraded derby to, requires r 579551 (579552)
New WorkEffortContactMechView for select work effort contact mechs by type. (579569)
New entity EmailAddressVerification for hashes for email address verification (579736, 579751)
Better handling of global variables to set the url for the application logo: now ONE global variable is set in GlobalDecorator and this will affect all the applications (579920, 579921)
Fixed long standing typo corner case on CVV2MATCH response on approved response for payflow pro (579923)*
issuance of materials for productions: added ability to specify a secondary location (579947)
Fixed issue with this when in a high volume environment for creating InventoryItemDetail, now uses the more multi-thread safe EE sequence stuff, common when lots of orders or other inventory operations on a single item are happening simultaneously (580096)*
Fix to prevent NPE if a BOM substitute node is not available. (580282)*
Cleaned up how sync is done for cache in renderTemplateFromString, (579571)
Replaced SALESREP_ORDER with ORDERMGR_ROLE_* permissions (579253)
Implemented new specialized lookup screen to search for CUSTOMER associated to the logged in user where the user is a SALES_REP. (580388)