Friday, October 12, 2007

OFBIZ r 584155

form widget target form fixes (582338)
increased time out for createPhysicalInventoryAndVariance (582430)
Improved the widget code for the party detail screen (582468)
Survey screen fixes (582474)*
implemented feature to allow setting default values for survey questions; response can be generated by setting values (via a map) in the wrapper before rendering (582539)
implemented GEO and ENUMERATION types for Survey Questions; now ANY Geo Group or Enumeration Type can be listed as survey option lists (582539)
implemented code to support pre-account email verification (verify email before account is created) (582705)
To allow to deal with problems in some DOS file, specifically file extracted from zip archives in RecordIterator of DataFile (582723)
Record of Datafile deal with last column empty in CSV files and render an empty string when null (582730)
removed restriction that only internal organization can be owner parties of facilities (582967, 583050)
Added new data model elements and seed data for modeling vendor-specific store settings and order with ship group per vendor (583076)
Added ability to specify an event/action pairs on an hyperlink field and added escape code for input text fields in Form widget (583091)
Converted product promo ftl to widgets. (583193)

Implemented service that computes the actual/real production run routing task's costs. (583200)*
Make the append item to order service more useful to purchase orders. (583221)
Added support for default-value attribute to the set operation in form widget actions. (583366)
replaced the logic inside the isEmail method with a call to org.apache.commons.validator.EmailValidator.isValid(...) (583373)
In the 'convertUom' service the 'convertedValue' output parameter is now optional: if no converion is available, then null is returned, not an error (and a rollback etc...). (583384)*
Added new VendorProduct entity, like recent ones for multi-vendor stores (583396)
fix a potential bug where an unrelated contactMechId might be assigned to Shipment.destinationTelecomNumberId if there are no phone numbers for a facility (583636)
Added a couple of fields to ProductStore to configure removing of incompatible and replacement products when items are added to cart (583675)
Changed showcart to show only inventory of the store's facility rather than all facilities (583911)
Before creating purchase invoices from purchase shipments, make sure that the items received were for an internal organization (583931)
InvoiceItem -> child invoiceItem relationship (584155)*