Friday, November 09, 2007

ofbiz r 593702

Changed eca to run checkCreateOrderRequirement for OrderItem create only (597134)
added SECA action detail to the available services screen in the Webtools component. Eliminated definition of SECA detail popup screen that didn't exist. (591802)*
fixed SqlJdbcutil for save and load actual images, and for the broken case with an AgreementItactual image data and for the broken case of an AgreementItem that has no image associated with it (591834)
New geos for Germany: federal states (592012)*
Added support for CLOB to ModelFieldType.stringLength() (592291)
Implemented support (first version) for the definition of custom services to calculate the unit price of a product. Added new optional field to the calculateProductPrice service: amount (this is the amount specified for the products that require an amount during order entry). (592455, 592481, 593096)
Added support to text-find fields for != operation in form widget (592718)
Implemented new screen to search/display the inventory movements (InventoryItemDetails) in a facility. (592805)
Removed old and unused code that was treating the ruleActionSeqId field as a numeric field instead as a string in product price rule/ promo screens. (593111)
Fixed wrong check that was causing a missing colspan attribute under special circumstances in model form. (593134)
Removed product name from the list of fields returned by the lookup screen: it was not used and was causing problems if the product name contained special characters. (593223, 593224)
Removed some restraints on OrderItemPriceInfo (593272)
Much improved Entity Reference Chart in Webtools. Cleaned up HTML, added indexes to chart. (593351)*
Include defaultSequenceNum in ordering when displaying Feature Category Features (593460)
updated entity definitions for party invitations: 1) invite existing parties (rather than only by email) 2) added role association table (593578)
added toName as a field for invitations (593613)
added a FileProgress listener to the session when uploading files through the service event handler (593583)
protect POS passwords (593671)*