Friday, November 16, 2007

ofbiz r 595619

Fix to prevent validation error in convertUom service. (593741)
Fix validation errors in AcctgTrans and GeneralLedgerServices (593745)
Added missing form name that was causing a Javascript error when the owner popup link was used (593753)*
Add amount attribute to calculatePurchasePrice (593895)
updated prototype to 1.6 and scriptaculous to 1.8 (594033)
Screen widget show where code came from in html (594042)
Firebird 2.0 database configuration improvements (594077,594207)*
Improved, Framework Default TimeZone Suppor, with getMonthNames also (594088)
POS config typo fixes (594442)
add 2 new methods to the shopping cart to clear the 2 types of ordernotes (594445)
Upgrade fop to 0.94 from 0.93 (594465)
Converted facility xfer ftl template to form widgets. Implemented two new variants of the inventory detail report: by product and by date. (594546, 594548)
Promo Code's use limit per customer was not being honoured for anonymous shoppers, resulted in a promotion being applied to the cart multiple times (up to the promo code use limit) (594781)*
added method to return the ShoppingCartItem from a CartShipItemInfo object (594788)
CRUD services for PartyInvitation assocs (594790)
fixed bug in fin account refunds which refunded transactions not created by the account being refunded (594794)*
The list of OrderItemPriceInfos returned by the price rule execution was overriding the existing list. (594818)*
Fix problem in unit test framework where the stacktrace is not printed (595025)
Fix bug where if you close a PosDialog by clicking on the "X" in the corner, the callback method wasn't being fired (595228)
You can now enter a promo code to be applied to the current sale in pos via the promo menu (595231)
Return to the main pos screen after voiding a sale (595241)
In POS when paying via credit card, if an invalid credit card was entered the wrong input function was being cleared and this prevented subsequent credit card details being entered (595259)*
Add ACTIVATED and DEACTIVATED status codes for inventory (595296)*
When associating a ProductCategory to a ProductCatalog, return a meaningful error message if the Product Category Id is invalid. (595582)*