Friday, July 01, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r5245

40 new commits this week. SVN r5245 builds and installs successfully.

Significant changes this week
  1. New order manager feature to add and modify items on an existing order.
  2. Completed migration of Party manager to screen widgets.
  3. New set of reports for manufacturing.
  4. Changed initial and main pages for Accounting, Content, Marketing, and Work Effort applications.
Thanks to our contributors
This week's contributors include Jean-Luc Malet, Jacques Le Roux, Jacopo, David, Andy, and myself.

Entity and Seed Data Changes
  • New UserLoginAndSecurityGroup view-entity of UserLogin and SecurityGroup (r5210)
  • ReturnHeader now has a toPartyId field (r 5224)
  • PartyGroup no longer has a federalTaxId field. It is replaced by PartyTaxInfo (r 5226)
  • Added a new RETAINED_EARNINGS for tracking the retained earnings GL account of a company (r 5232)
  • Income statement GL accounts are now classified as REVENUE, EXPENSE, and INCOME instead of just INCOME and EXPENSE. Most of the old INCOME accounts are now REVENUE accounts. The INCOME accounts are now debit instead of credit accounts (r 5234)
  • New GL account for recording "sales tax collected" revenues (r 5239)
  • View-entity GlAccountAndHistory now has acctgTransTypeId field and a relation to GlAccountHistory, for updating during period closing transactions (r 5240)
  • New Map called "attributes" in the ShoppingCart object (r 5242)
  • new view-entity of GlAccountOrganizationAndClass, combining GlAccountOrganizatino and GlAccountClass. (r 5243)
  • Added back missing NON_POSTING GL account class so OFBiz would install (r 5245)
Base and Framework
  • Fixed jetty, rmi, and test containers with correct shark-container passwords, so the entity engine test suite runs. (r5206)
  • Cleaned up entity engine test suite when testing creation of large number of entities (r5215, r5216)
  • Clean up of common header file (r 5227)
  • Fixed form to update fixed assets (r 5212)
  • Main page now has links to view invoices, payments, agreements, etc. (r 5217)
  • Implemented gift certificate release service, which refunds back to gift certificate but to be used when a release is necessary (r 5225)
Accounting/GL Implementation
  • Finished GL-to-GL export feature.
  • Finished services and screens for closing out accounting periods.
  • Main link now goes to list of Websites. Websites now comes before Surveys in the app bar header (r 5223)
  • Clean ups to edit payment methods script (r5208)
  • Inernationalization patches (r 5214)
  • Manufacturing reports for production runs, package labels, components lists, produced items lists, package contents, etc. (r 5220)
  • Link for main now goes directly to show Campaigns (r 5221)
  • Changed find-by-primary-key to entity-one in ContactListServices (r 5237)
  • Fixed form to select all items on return page (r 5211)
  • Returns now have a toPartyId field, which is filled in based on the payToPartyId of the ProductStore of the order. (If for some reason this is not there, the createOrderHeader service will then look to the return to facility and use its ownerPartyId.) (r 5224)
  • maximumAmountUomId added as an optional input field to interfaceCustRequest service (r 5231)
  • New features to edit order items and add additional items to order for orders (r 5233)
  • Fixed CSS problem with order entry tab bar (r 5238, r5241)
  • Completed conversions from jpublish to screen widgets (r 5207, r 5209, r 5218, r 5219, r 5226, r 5228)
  • Create new party link in party manager fixed (r 5222)
  • Reverted createPerson back to not requiring a partyId as input (r 5235)
  • Create new role page removed, as it is in the view roles page (r 5236)
  • Fixed bug with missing product id after product duplication form is submitted (r 5213)
  • Facilities menu item is now highlighted corrected when selected (r 5229)
Work Effort
  • Main page now goes to "My Tasks" (r 5230)


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