Friday, July 29, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r5417

49 new commits this week. SVN 5417 builds and installs successfully

Significant changes this week
  1. All ant build scripts have been changed to force the use of Java version 1.4 (r 5372, 5374, 5379)
  2. Integration with shipping carrier DHL (r 5380)
  3. New screens for marketing segment roles, segment group, party classifications
  4. PDF for returns
  5. Ability to add from and add to shopping lists from order manager
  6. Create requirements from available to promise inventory threshholds, in addition to quantity-on-hand threshholds and as items are sold
Thanks to our contributors
This week's contributors include Peter Goron, Yannick Thebault, Jacques Le Roux, Jacopo, David, Andy, and myself.

Entity and Seed Data Changes
  • New seed data for the shipping carrier DHL (r 5380)
  • New segment group party relationship view entity (r 5404)
  • New CreditCardTypeGlAccount entity to associate different credit card types (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, JCB) to different GL receivables accounts (r 5407)
  • New product requirement type, PRODRQM_STOCK_ATP, for Available To Promise inventory based requirements (r 5411)
Base and Framework
  • EntityJoinOperator will throw an exception if one of the conditions is invalid (r 5370)
  • SqlJdbcUtil has improved error message for invalid view-link key-map field names (r 5392)
  • Internationalization (r 5381)
  • Fixed problem for creating invoices with zero for shipping, tax, etc. (r 5386)
Accounting/GL Implementation
  • New feature to use credit card type specific gl accounts for posting payments
  • Clean up EmailServices javadocs (r 5376)
  • FreemarkerWorker fixed localization issues (r 5382)
  • Model form fields format with user's locale (r 5383)
  • Formatting and cleanup of email templates (r 5387)
  • prepInventoryEventPlannedFromRequirement service removed (r 5412)
  • New screens for managing marketing segment roles (r 5385)
  • Segment group and party classification administration screens (r 5405)
  • During checkout, no longer try to get authorization when order total is zero (r 5375)
  • New PDF for returns (r 5377, 5393, 5397)
  • Fixed problem where tax rates were displayed incorrectly on order items due to number of decimal places problem (r 5378)
  • Fixed parsing of desired delivery date strings for order items (r 5384)
  • Purchase orders can now be shipped to the address of a different party, rather than just an internal facility address, in order manager (r 5394)
  • Bad BR tag removed from the order pdf file (r 5395)
  • Order status better formatted for display (r 5396)
  • Order manager can now add items from a shopping list to an order (r 5398)
  • When updating quantities of a shopping list item to zero, the shopping list item will be removed (r 5399)
  • Company logo on order PDF now separated out (r 5402)
  • Order manager cart contents can now be added to a shopping list (r 5406)
  • Shopping Cart now resets item sequence numbers between orders (r 5408)
  • Requirements can now be created based upon Available To Promise quantities of products (r 5409)
  • Product Store's settings are now checked before creating orders with digital items (r 5410)
  • Only approved requirements which are either MRP-Purchase Order or Product Requirements can now be added to purchase orders in order manager (r 5413, 5416)
  • Cart items are now unique if from different requirements, making it possible to link sales order-purchase order items (r 5414)
  • New shipping integration with DHL/Airborne (r 5380)
  • Fixed bug with duplicate productId in duplicate product form (r 5389)
  • Price service now returns the promo price in the results (r 5400, 5401)
  • Added missing LookupVariantProduct screen (r 5417)
  • build file changed to reference a shark-libs directory (r 5369)


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