Friday, July 08, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r5274

29 new commits this week. SVN r5274 builds and installs successfully.

Significant changes this week
  1. New entities (see below) for classifying parties and geographic areas into segments for marketing.
  2. Refactoring of accounting invoice code and changes to initial invoice states to INVOICE_READY (for sales invoices) and INVOICE_IN_PROCESS (for purchase invoices.)
  3. calculateProductPrice now has a productStoreId parameter (optional)
Thanks to our contributors
This week's contributors include Matt Kasubaski, Manuel Meyer, Jacopo, David, Andy, and myself.

Entity and Seed Data Changes
  • New VarianceReasonGlAccount entity for mapping different inventory variance reasons to GL accounts (r 5260)
  • New GROUP_MEMBER GeoAssocType (r 5269)
  • New SegmentGroup, SegmentGroupClassification, SegmentGroupRole, SegmentGroupType, SegmentGroupGeo entities for classifying parties, product stores, and geographics into segments (r 5270, 5271)
Base and Framework
  • Postgresql JDBC upgraded to version 8.0-311, now with cursor support. (r 5255)
  • MySQL JDBC driver upgraded to 3.1.10 (r 5266)
  • Added Truition logout code (r 5267)
  • Small fixes for performance improvements (r 5268)
  • Invoice creating services re-factored to use base-level createInvoice services (r 5261, r 5263, r 5264)
  • Invoice status is set to INVOICE_READY for sales invoices and INVOICE_IN_PROCESS for purchase invoices when they are automatically created during order fulfillment workflow (r 5265)
  • Fixed calendar buttons on lookup payment screens (r 5274)
Accounting/GL Implementation
  • Finished services and secas for posting inventory variances to General Ledger
  • Created secas to post invoices to General Ledger in the order fulfillment workflow
  • Finished services for posting payments, including a currency conversion, to General Ledger
  • Finished accounting preference configuration screens.
  • Removed pages for AddArticleComposite and AddContent in forum (r 5256)
  • findCustomTimePeriod is now inclusive on both fromDate and thruDate, ie: fromDate <= findDate <= thruDate (r 5259)
  • toPartyId of returns is now populated with the store's payToPartyId (r 5258)
  • Order manager can now accept products without productTypeId, even though they always should have it. (r 5262)
  • Migrated more pages to the screen-widget, finishing this large re-factoring project (r5246, r5247, r5248, r5272)
  • New services for PartyClassificationGroup plus updates to the PartyClassification services (r 5273)
  • calculateProductPrice now accepts productStoreId as an optional parameter and calculates productStoreGroupId from it. Applications which call it now use it as an input (r 5249, r5250, r5251)
  • Finished converting facility manager to screen widget (r5257)
Web Tools
  • Find generic operations now show a * next to primary key fields (r5252)
  • When importing XML data files from a directory, there is now a check box to select whether the files should be deleted automatically after import (r5253)
  • Format of webtools pages cleaned up (r5254)


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