Friday, July 15, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r5336

63 new commits this week. SVN 5336 builds and installs successfully. However, there is a non-fatal bug with sending email notifications which can cause OFBiz to generate a lot of error messages. You may want to apply this patch for the time being.

Significant changes this week
  1. New segments screens in marketing
  2. New pages for viewing relations, wsdl, ecas, and executing direct SQL statements in web tools.
  3. New examples component with sample entities and services
  4. Lots of enhancements in catalog manager and order manager (see below)
Thanks to our contributors
This week's contributors include Jean-Luc Malet, Jacques Le Roux, Joe Eckard, Peter Goron, Ray Barlow, Ian Gilbert, Ashish Hareet, Jacopo, David, Andy, and myself.

Entity and Seed Data Changes
  • Italian Geo data (r 5286)
  • ProductStore has a new requireCustomerRole field (r 5301)
  • New currencyUomId for ReturnHeader to track currency of a return (r 5313)
  • New "INVENTORY_RETURN" accounting transaction type for transactions related to inventory received from return and new "SALES_RETURN" gl account for tracking amount of returns (separately from sales) (r 5317)
  • Sample SKUs for POS in demo data (r 5321)
  • OrderHeaderNote has an internalNote field to identify if the note should (not) be shown to customer (r 5327)
  • New inventory variance reason "Integration" (r 5329)
  • StatusItem.statusTypeId field now is an "id-ne" to ensure uniqueness (r 5334)
Base and Framework
  • New example entities and services for working with them (r 5276, 5279, 5330)
  • Simple methods now have methodName and methodShortDescription in their context, for logging purposes (r 5277)
  • Generic find services used on form widgets now has a case insensitive option (r 5280)
  • moved from applications/content to framework/widget (r5281)
  • Updated Truition code (r 5294, 5296)
  • Apache Axis updated to 1.2.1 final (r 5297)
  • Fixed potential NPE in LoginEvents when trying to set cookies and userLogin is null (r 5302)
  • EntityListIterator unit tests in entity engine (r 5318)

  • Internationalization (r 5291)
  • createPaymentFromPreference has been re-factored into a service to use the createPayment service rather than directly creating entities with delegator. (r 5298, 5336)
  • Fixed chart of account browsing problems (r 5299)
  • Improved look of field lookup (r 5307)
  • Payment gateway fix for getting email for notification (r 5320)
  • New UI label for configurations (r 5326)

Accounting/GL Implementation
  • Completed GL posting for returns
  • Completed GL posting for payments
  • Fixed problem when there is more than one directory for uploads (r 5283)
  • UI Label fixes (r 5303)
  • French label UI corrrections (r 5282)
  • Fixed problem if productStoreId is in previousParams string (5292)
  • Fixed error messages on new customer page (r 5295)
  • Implement new requireCustomerRole field for ProductStore (r 5301, 5304)
  • During checkout, only payment method types that have been set in ProductStorePaymentSetting for the store are shown. (r 5306)
  • New currencyUomId field for returns (r 5315)
  • New security tags by default in controller (r 5316)
  • Encoding of production run reports changed to UTF-8 from ISO-8859-1 (r 5323)
  • New screens for marketing segments (r 5300, r 5314, 5331, 5332, 5333)
  • Pagination through list of requests has been fixed (r 5275)
  • Support for new currency field for returns (r 5313)
  • Service to update return status based on item receipt now uses updateReturnHeader service instead of directly storing values with the delegator (r 5319)
  • Fixed problem of quote items being inverted when added to cart (r 5325)
  • New internalNote field for order notes, to identify which notes should and should not be shown to customers. Non-internal notes are printed on PDFs. (r 5327)
  • Products with add-on cart surveys can now be added to cart from order manager (r 5328)
  • Small fixes to updatePartyClassification and deletePartyClassification (r 5278)
  • Fixed bug with edit contact mech, edit communication, and view profile from bad party Id passed in (r 5308, 5309)
  • Catalog manager internationalization to French (r 5284)
  • UI labels fix (r 5305) and enhancement (r 5324)
  • Clean up of ProductConfigWorker (r 5310)
  • Added primaryProductCategoryId to the product lookup screens (r 5311)
  • Internationalization to French (r 5312)
  • New getInventoryAvailableByItem service (r 5329)
  • Catalog manager now shows outstanding purchase orders when viewing product inventory (r 5335)
Web Tools
  • Better exception handling in xml data import (r 5285)
  • New screen to run SQL queries on database directly from webtools (r 5287)
  • New page to view related entities for an entity and traverse through relationships (r 5288)
  • Services detail page now includes viewing of ECAs (r 5289)
  • Improvements to view data file page (r 5290, 5293)
  • Added code to show WSDL of a service when browsing available services (r 5322)


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