Friday, August 05, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r5458

40 new commits this week. SVN 5458 builds and installs successfully.

Significant changes this week
  1. Ability to disable OFBiz components and SECA, EECA, Service MCA rules.
  2. Screen decorators can now be defined in web.xml and used as parameters in the screen definitions of an application, allowing greater flexibility in customizing.
  3. Significant refactoring of data model for sales tax (see below in "Entity and seed data" section.) In the meantime, we've created a patch which will allow existing installations to be compatible with the future sales tax handling.
Thanks to our contributors
This week's contributors include Olivier Heintz, Chris Howe, Les Austin, Jacopo, David, Andy, and myself.

Entity and Seed Data Changes
  • New "autoInvoiceDigitalItems" indicator field on the ProductStore entity (r 5422, 5436, 5441) in case the store should not invoice the items in OFBiz but uses an outside system to fulfill orders.
  • CustRequestItem now has one-to-one relation back to CustRequest (r 5425)
  • InvoiceItem now has fields for taxAuthPartyId, taxGeoId for tracking tax authority for sales tax line items. The account of the sales tax line item will be in "overrideGlAccountId." (r 5430, r 5440)
  • GlReconciliation now has fields for GL account id, organization, reconciled balance, reconciled date to track a history of GL account reconciliations (r 5431)
  • AcctgTransAndEntries view entity got some new fields for display purposes (r 5431)
  • Removed erroneous seed data for a sales tax collected revenue account. Sales tax collection should be a liability account only. (r 5443)
  • New entities for modeling sales, use, and VAT taxes on products:
    • TaxAuthority
    • TaxAuthorityCategory
    • TaxAuthorityGlAccount
    • TaxAuthorityRateProduct
    • TaxAuthorityRateType
    • PartyTaxAuthorityInfo
  • Existing entities such as PartyTaxInfo, SimpleSalesTaxLookup, ZipSalesTaxLookup will be replaced.
  • OrderAdjustment has new fields for recording tax authority info (r 5447)
  • OrderItem and OrderAdjustment now both have overrideGlAccountId fields. This is intended for recording tax-related GL accounts but can have some other uses later as well. (r 5451)
  • Samples tax authorities are now in ecommerce/data/DemoTaxAuthority.xml (r 5452, r 5453)
  • New TAX_PAYMENT and SALES_TAX_PAYMENT payment types (r 5454)
Base and Framework
  • For PostgreSQL, "blob" is now an "OID" rather than a "BYTEA" (r 5432)
  • New service to create "UomConversionDated" entities (r 5433)
  • ofbiz-component tags in ofbiz-component.xml files now has an "enabled" flag which defaults to true but allows you to turn components off by setting it to false. (r 5437)
  • EntityEcaRule, ServiceEcaRule, and ServiceMcaRule (for mail) now have a setEnabled(boolean enabled) method which allows you to turn EECA, SECA, and SMCA rules on and off. (r 5438)
  • EntityEcaUtil, ServiceEcaUtil, ServiceMcaUtil now have methods (getEntityECARules, getServiceEventRules, getServiceMcaRules) to generate a list of the rules. (r 5438)
  • icu4j version 3.4 has been added to the framework. (r 5442, 5448) Currency amounts can now be spelled out by using:
    <@ofbizAmount amount=number format="spelled-out"/>
  • New UI label for "Type" (r 5445)
  • Newfoundland Geo added, along with translations of French Canadian Geos (r 5450)
  • Derby has been upgraded to 10.1.10 (r 5457)
  • New UI labels (r 5429, 5444)
  • When creating an invoice, sales tax line items are no longer marked "taxable" (r 5440)
  • checkGiftCertificateBalance service now requires a PIN (r 5434)
  • Fixed gift certificates bug where customer could not use gift certificate if amount of gift certificate were equal the amount of the transaction (could only do it if it were greater than) (r 5439)
  • New security permission "ACCOUNTING_FX_ENTRY" for entering foreign exchange conversion rates into system (r 5454)
Accounting/GL Implementation
  • Trial balance report
  • GL account reconciliation screen and services
  • Foreign currency entry screen
  • Posting of sales tax liability
  • Sales tax payments
  • Product content is no longer cached (r 5424)
  • ScreenRenderer and ContextFilter now allow a screen definition to defined in a web.xml file and reused as a parameter in a screen-widget XML file, rather than directly specified to a file. This allows easier customization of web sites. See example in ecommerce applications (r 5426)
  • Return and gift card email now use screen-based email sending (r 5423)
  • Main decorator pattern is now specified as a parameter in web.xml and reused as a parameter in the screen definitions (r 5426)
  • Drop downs in ExampleForms (r 5427)
  • Removed entity-group definition for entity that's no longer there (r 5446)
  • Clean up of marketing segment scripts (r 5455)
  • Return PDF now also uses the logo defined in OrderPrintForms.xml's "CompanyLogo" screen. (r 5418)
  • Fixed bug where requirements from ATP service was causing orders to fail when user did not ORDERMGR_CREATE permissions (r 5419)
  • Fixed bad form name on quickReturn.ftl. It must be called "selectAllForm" (r 5420, 5421)
  • Fixed bug with purchase order entry prompting user to create a new address all the time (r 5428)
  • Fixed bug with resetting payment methods amounts in shopping cart (r 5435)
  • Fixed bug with log messages in product store inventory reservations (r 5449)
  • Removed bad link to create product price rule at top of screen (r 5458)


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