Thursday, September 15, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r5752

73 new commits this week. SVN 5752 builds and installs successfully.

Significant changes this week
  1. "request-redirect" events in the controller will now pass (serializable) attributes, enabling error messages to be displayed.
  2. New feature to allow users to sign up for an email (contact) list, with a confirmation email sent to the customer.
  3. Implementation of "auto-exploded" marketing packages, where marketing packages are automatically replaced with their component items when an order is created.
  4. New feature to mass approve and mass pick a whole list of orders.
  5. New screens to copy one quote to another and better UI for editing quote adjustments and create orders from quotes.
  6. New wizard-based pick and pick features.
  7. New features to associate work efforts with communication events, orders, shopping lists, and quotes and assign work efforts to parties.
Thanks to our contributors
This week's contributors include Andrew Sykes, Al Byers, Adam Heath, Ashish Hareet, Yannick Thebault, Geraud Buxerolles, Hans Bakker, Brent Garnett, Jacques Le Roux, Jacopo, David, Andy, and myself.

Entity Model Changes
  • Clean up of view entities in WorkEffort application to use alias-all instead of naming all the alias fields (r 5692, 5696)
  • New entities OrderHeaderWokEffort and ShoppingListWorkEffort for associating WorkEffort with orders and shopping lists (r 5695)
  • ContactList.contactListName is changed to "name" instead of "id-ne", so it can now be longer than 20 chars. (r 5700)
  • New view entities OrderHeaderItemAndInv, OrderHeaderItemAndInvRoles, currently used to determine which items are back ordered (r 5721)
  • New entity group "org.ofbiz.odbc" with entities OdbcPackageOut, OdbcShipmentOut, OdbcPackageIn used for creating records in staging tables for third party shipping utilities such as WorldShip (r 5724, 5726, 5727)
  • New OrderItem.isModifiedPrice field to keep an order item's price unchanged when an order is modified (r 5751)
Seed Data Changes
  • Changed descriptions of manufacturing StatusItems (r 5705)
  • New demo ContactLists - "New Product Announcements" and "Product Tips Newsletters" (r 5710)
  • French regions now in common data (r 5723)
  • Demo data for party group membership and party classification data: see product WG-1111 for party group "DemoCustCompany" and party person "DemoCustAgent" (r 5740)
Base and Framework
  • Entity ECAs will now print the error message from transactions which cause exceptions, to help users track down source of bugs (r 5681)
  • Minor bug with banners in form widget fixed (r 5682)
  • Fixed bug with caching null generic entities (r 5683) and comparing them (r 5687)
  • EntityFinderUtil.createCondition will now throw an exception with an error message if the entity name is null (r 5706)
  • Better handling of parent/child forms with form-widget's ModelForm (r 5715)
  • Formatting changes in ModelService and ServiceDispatcher (r 5716)
  • New JavaScript in webcommon/includes/lookup.ftl to return multiple values from a popup window (r 5717)
  • getStatusValidChangeToDetails service's input field is corrected from "statusTypeId" to "statusId" (r 5719)
  • Many base and framework classes now changed to "implements Serializable" (r 5720)
  • Fixed "request-redirect" controller events so that serializable attributes are kept between requests, enabling error messages, etc. to be displayed (r 5744)
  • Moved Fixed Asset Screens' Decorator from FixedAssetScreens to CommonScreens and cleaned up fixed asset screens (r 5688)
  • Removed "if" which is no longer needed as a result r 5688 in fixed asset screens' tab bar (r 5693)
  • "Content" tab is now highlighted correctly on all screens, and some tabs have been changed to spaces (r 5680)
  • Clean up and conversion of "Data Resource" screens from JPublish to screen widget (r 5748)
  • Parameterized content screens' decorator location in the web.xml file and clean up of screens (r 5749)
  • New screens to support signing up for an email list (r 5707)
  • New feature to send an email when a customer signs up for a mailing list (ContactListParty becomes "pending") (r 5710)
  • Formatting cleanup thaniks to new "buttontext" and "linktext" changes (r 5729)
  • CSS clean up (r 5738)
  • UI changes - removed [ and ] around labels that now look like buttons with the new "buttontext" CSS class (r 5703, 5711)
  • New screens to edit and view contact lists and communication events for those contact lists (r 5685, 5701)
  • New services "copyQuote" and "copyQuoteItem" and new screens to copy one quote to another (r 5689)
  • Quote screens' "Edit" button is only shown for manual adjustments. Forms have been simplified (r 5690)
  • UI changes - removed [ and ] around labels that now look like buttons with the new "buttontext" CSS class (r 5704, 5709)
  • Formatting changes (tabs to spaces) in (r 5708)
  • New screen to lookup customer request items (LookupCustRequestItem) (r 5712)
  • MARKETING_PKG_AUTO implemented: when a product has MARKETING_PKG_AUTO items associated with it, it is replaced by the associated items when a sales order is created (r 5714)
  • New method OrderReadHelper.getOrderBackorderQuantity which returns a double of the total back ordered quantities on an order. View orders now shows if the order is back ordered (r 5721)
  • New link in order header to "create package" (r 5728)
  • If unit price is not set for a quote item, the price is calculated using calculateProductPrice service after running quote adjustments. If a price is set in quote item, then the price is used as base price. (r 5730)
  • In "Edit quote" screen," "Create Order" button is visible only for accepted quotes. The quote is added to the cart using the "loadCartFromQuote" service. Old servlet events are removed. (r 5731, 5735) When quote has not been approved, "Create Order" is shown in disabled state (r 5743)
  • ShoppingCart's orderPartyId is now correctly set to billFromVendorPartyId for purchase orders and billToCustomerPartyId for all other orders (r 5732)
  • New screens to lookup quote and quote item (r 5733)
  • Corrected where ShoppingCart.CartShipInfo.CartShipItemInfo was getting its information (r 5737, 5739)
  • Fixed Javadoc error introduced by r 5714 (r 5741)
  • New feature to mass approve and mass pick a list of orders on the find screen (r 5746)
  • quickShipEntireOrder now changed back to "request-redirect" (r 5746)
  • New screens to edit and lookup shoping lists (r 5747)
  • New services to create and update OrderHeader, screens to lookup order header (r 5750)
  • Clean up and minor UI bug fixes (r 5698)
  • Clean up of contact list screens (r 5702)
  • New create new employee and create new prospect wizard screens (in addition to "Create Person", etc.) (r 5718)
  • "Show all parties" now hides the lookup box (r 5722)
  • Party Manager documentation is now up to date with revision 5752
  • New wizard-based packing station in facility manager, with ODBC link (r 5724)
  • Formatting changes in shipment screens of facility manager (r 5736)
  • Price and promotion rules now support party group member ship (PRIP_PARTY_GRP_MEM) and party classification conditions (PRIP_PARTY_CLASS) (r 5740)
  • Fixed incorrect definition of "convertPickOrderIdListToHeaders" (r 5745)
Web Tools
  • Fixed problems with protected methods in Entity SQL Processor (r 5752)

Work Effort
  • New screens and services for work effort assignments and for work efforts based on communication events (r 5684, 5686)
  • New screens for adding, editing, and listing WorkEffort Party Assignment (r 5691)
  • New screens, forms, and services for Communication Event-related Work Effort (r 5694)
  • New CustRequestItem screens (r 5712, 5713)
  • New screens and services for work efforts related to quotes (r 5734)
  • New screens to create, edit, view, and delete work effort requirements (r 5742)
  • New screens to add work effort to shopping lists (r 5747)
  • New screens to add, list, and edit work effort associated with order headers (r 5750)
Open Travel Systems
  • Clean up of file layout in hotel back-end and some new accounting screens (r 5697)