Friday, September 02, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r5628

27 new commits this week. SVN 5628 builds and installs successfully.

Significant changes this week
  1. New Quote Adjustment feature which allows promotions and other order adjustments to be stored with quotes and then added back to create orders.
  2. Lots of bug fixes.
  3. Ability to combine BSH scripts into strings like this: ${bsh:...}
Thanks to our contributors
This week's contributors include Jack Hung, Hans Bakker, Jacopo, David, Andy, and myself.

Entity Model Changes
  • PartyAcctgPreference has new fields fiscalYearStartMonth, fiscalYearStartDay, invoiceIdPrefix, lastInvoiceNumber, lastInvoiceRestartDate to help create invoices to government standards (r 5607)
  • ProductPrice now has a timeFreqUomId field to record frequency of recurring charge (r 5611)
  • OrderPaymentPreference now has an orderItemSeqId which is used optionally, in case preference should be associated with order items rather than just the entire order (r 5612)
  • OrderItem now has unitRecurringPrice and recurringFreqUomId to track recurring charges better (r 5612)
  • Fixed view-entity definition for GlAccountAndOrganization. The postedBalance is now explicitly defined to be from GlAccountOrganization. (r 5614)
  • Quote entity has a new productStoreId field (r 5620)
  • QuoteItem has a new isPromo field (r 5620)
  • new QuoteAdjustment entity (r 5620)

Seed Data Changes

  • New invoice status "Received" and valid changes for sending and receiving invoices (r 5608)
  • Removed duplicate ORDERMGR_SEND_CONFIRMATION permission in security data (r 5613)
Base and Framework
  • widget-form now accepts a "target-parameter" field (r 5603)
  • new UtilDateTime.getYearStart method which includes a third parameter for yearsLater (r 5604)
  • UI label formatting errors for minilang fixed (r 5605)
  • Fixed minilang if/else-if tag problem (r 5606)
  • ModelForm now uses an Iterator instead of a ListIterator (r 5621)
  • appbar changed so that "default-server" is the name of webapp server if no _serverId is present in the parameter (r 5623)
  • FlexbileStringExpander, which handles ${} syntax in OFBiz, can now accept BSH scripts, so you can put in ${bsh:...}, and a BSH script will run right there. (r 5624)
  • Error message clean up in FindServices (r 5625)
Accounting/GL Implementation
  • More work done on manual invoice and payment entry
  • Fixed missing import statement in login.bsh (r 5618)
  • Marketing campaign roles is now ordered by partyId, not orderId (r 5602)
  • New pages to support contact lists, including links in party manager (r 5603)
  • Fixed problem getting ownerPartyId from destination facility on order returns (r 5609)
  • Fixed bad links to party manager from order manager. Now using "partyId" instead of "party_id," so the party manager's header bar comes up (r 5615)
  • Quote items are now added to cart in the same order as the quote (r 5619)
  • New quote adjustment features--order adjustments such as promotions can be stored with quotes and then added to the cart at once. (r 5620)
  • Order entry product detail page handling of parameters cleaned up (r 5622)
  • Cart can now be created from a quote in order entry with just one click (r 5626, 5627)
  • New screens to edit quote adjustments (r 5628)
  • Fixed problem with viewing facilities when "isVirtual" flag is null as well as when it is "Y" or "N" (r 5610)
  • Fixed bad error message with DHL shipping (r 5616)
  • Fixed bug where [update] link next to shipping addresses for purchase orders do not show up (r 5617)