Friday, August 12, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r5521

62 new commits this week. SVN 5521 builds and installs successfully.

Significant changes this week
  1. New screens and services to manage production runs.
  2. Ability to save emails sent (order confirmations, etc.) as communication events in the party manager.
  3. Lots of entity and service cleanups.
Thanks to our contributors
This week's contributors include Jacopo, David, Andy, and myself.

Entity and Seed Data Changes
  • PaymentApplication now has a taxAuthGeoId so a payment to a tax authority can be spread across all the geographic areas for which the authority is responsible (r 5461)
  • New view entities: UomAndType (r 5475), TaxAuthorityGlAccountBalance (r 5481), PartyAndPostalAddress and PartyAndTelecomNumber (r 5500)
  • New fields for view entities: AcctgTransAndEntries (r 5482),
  • InvoiceItem.taxGeoId changed to taxAuthGeoId for consistency (r 5483)
  • AcctgTrans.returnId added to link accounting transactions back to returns (r 5483)
  • New entities for FixedAssetStdCost and FixedAssetStdCostType (r 5477)
  • "Customer Returns" is an EXPENSE not REVENUE GL account. This has been corrected in the demo chart of accounts (r 5491)
  • Person now has a companyName field to record company name of a person, for use when that's all you need (r 5503)
  • New contact mech purposes: PRIMARY_PHONE and PRIMARY_LOCATION (r 5503)
  • CommunicationsEvent now has a contactListId to link to ContactList (r 5505)
  • ContactListParty entity now has a preferredContactMechId to link to ContactMech (r 5506)
  • New ProductCalculatedInfo entity. The totalQuantityOrdered, totalTimesViewed, averageCustomerRating fields are removed from Product and moved here. (r 5510, 5521)
Base and Framework
  • More examples (r 5475, 5485)
  • Small modifications to performFind services (r 5485)
  • and directives for screen- and form-widgets now have the ability to compare field-name, env-name, and values ("value="), with field-name being the only required attribute (r 5494)
  • If timing is turned on for debugging, GenericDAO will now flag queries which take longer than 50 milliseconds (r 5502)
  • Entity engine test suite is done. Try "ant run-tests" on your favorite database and tell us what if all the tests pass (r 5504)
  • Html menu rendering tool fixed - checks that style is not empty before creating a div tag (r 5511)
  • ModelTree fixed to avoid EntityListIterator exceptions that came from using .hasNext on an EntityListIterator. Now checks what kind of iterator it is and uses the right .hasNext/.next methods (r 5512)
  • The EntityExpr(lhs, leftUpper, operator, rhs, rightUpper) construction is no longer considered deprecated (r 5521)
  • UI labels (r 5465, 5478, 5480,
  • Carry over tax information (taxAuthPartyId, overrideGlAccountId, taxGeoId) from OrderAdjustment to InvoiceItem (r 5466)
  • New UI and services for managing fixed asset standard costs (ie, setup and usage costs at this point) (r 5477)
Accounting/GL Implementation
  • Tax posting and payments completed
  • Most of the manual invoice entry completed, thanks to Hans Bakker
  • Brett Palmer's gotten started on check printing (via PDF)
  • Menu widget now uses CSS instead of tables for layout. Also clean ups and fixes (r 5469, 5470)
  • Map processors and simple methods moved from src/ to script/
  • Product with billOfMaterialLevel of null is now treated as same as level of zero (r 5496)
  • Fixed bug in inventory event plan screen (r 5497)
  • Changed order of routing tabs (r 5498) and removed some old tabs (r 5515)
  • New services to quick run a production task and quick run all the tasks of a production run (r 5516)
  • New screens and services to manage production run status quickly (r 5517)
  • New service to cancel a production run, but only if it is just created or just printed and if no other production runs depend on it (r 5518)
  • Fixed problem with rounding errors when returning items, because returnablePrice from the getReturnableQuantity service has more significant digits than the returnPrice from user (r 5464)
  • Order reports header item set in screen widget (r 5473)
  • New security permission for quote price manager, ORDERMGR_QUOTE_PRICE (r 5487)
  • Pop up menu to lookup facilities during purchase order entry, allowing purchase orders to be shipped to any facility (r 5488)
  • Better handling of errors during the order creation process (r 5489)
  • Small modifications to OrderReadHelper: getTaxTotal() is now getHeaderTaxToal(), using getOrderHeaderAdjustments. The new getTaxTotal() uses getAdjustments for all order items. (r 5490)
  • productStoreId is now set into session so the order entry screens are for the right screen. Not necessarily a long term solution, but now multi-store order taking is done correctly. (r 5499)
  • Link on order view page to send a manual order confirmation email with a custom note for an order (r 5514)
  • Communication events and screens changes (r 5471, 5501) - Note this causes a bug which has subsequently been fixed
  • Menu tab bars fixed (r 5509)
  • Emails now saved as CommunicationEvents, so you can view a history of emails, etc. sent to a customer (r 5514, r 5520)
  • Product content caching added back in, with a default of 5 minute timeout set in base/config/ (product.content.rendered.expireTime and product.content.rendered.useSoftReference) (r 5467)
  • Clean up of product config caching code (r 5472) and new settings (product.config.expireTime and product.config.useSoftReference) in base/config/ (r 5474)
  • Catalog manager now can duplicate product categories and edit product category attributes (r 5476)
  • Pull down menus for product store form (r 5495)
  • Services for searching and counting products now use the ProductCalculatedInfo entity (r 5510)
Web Tools
  • main page clean up (r 5484)
Work Effort
  • Fixed bug when project's phase does not have a fromDate (r 5486)


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