Friday, August 19, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r5560

39 new commits this week. SVN 5560 builds and installs successfully.

Significant changes this week
  1. Lots of new UI changes in the order manager and in the party manager's communications events function.
  2. Orders now have bill-from vendor and bill-to customer created for all orders.
  3. Invoices now use the Invoice.partyIdFrom and .partyId fields instead of InvoiceRole for primary invoice parties.
  4. New entities in preparation for work managing marketing lists and sending out marketing information.
Thanks to our contributors
This week's contributors include Jean-Luc Malet, Jacques Le Roux, Jacopo, David, Andy, and myself.

Entity Changes
  • More products added to the default search category (r 5533)
  • New entities: QuoteWorkEffort, CustRequestCommEvent, CustRequestWorkEffort (r 5545)
  • ContactList now has a contactMechTypeId field but no longer createdDate or lastModifiedDate (r 5545)
  • ContactListParty has statusId (r 5545)
  • Status valid change for communications events (r 5545)
  • Facility now has a defaultInventoryItemTypeId field (r 5546)
Seed Data Changes
  • ContactListType seed data: Marketing, Newsletter, Announcement (r 5545)
  • New product category type of "TAX_CATEGORY" (r 5527)
  • Blog seed data clean up (r 5534)
  • New "COMMENT_NOTE" communication event type (r 5536)
Demo Data Changes
  • New webstorew arehouse defaults to non-serialized inventory (r 5547)
  • Product images for ecommerce demo (r 5548)
Base and Framework
  • auto-field-map attribute for widget-form, widget-screen, and widget-screen can now be set to "true," "false," or the name of a Map to be for service input parameters (r 5522)
  • new UI labels (r 5524)
  • entity engine will only show query time messages if the query exceeds 100 ms (r 5525)
  • entity engine will log error message if a field is set with a value of a type which is incompatible with Java type of the field (r 5535)
  • fixed EntityCrypto that caused infinite loop on initial install (r 5554)
  • Invoice parties are now stored in the Invoice.partyIdFrom and .partyId fields, and InvoiceRole is only used for additional parties involved in the invoice and is empty for most invoices now. (r 5553)
Accounting/GL Implementation
  • UI label changes (r 5541)
  • Demo now has images! (r 5548, r 5555)
  • the link to confirm a production run is now "Confirm" instead of "Print Docs" (r 5529)
  • other UI changes for "Edit Production Run" page (r 5532)
  • HTML clean up of editorderitems (r 5539)
  • UI label fix for requirements tab (r 5544)
  • Bill-from vendor and bill-to customer are now explicitly created for both sales and purchase orders, rather than implicitly assumed based on the order's productStoreId (r 5549, 5552)
  • storeOrder service is only retrieving ProductStore for sales orders now. (r 5550, 5551)
  • new "order list" page for order manager, showing all orders, which is also the main page for order manager now (r 5556, 5557)
  • removed "Payment Already Received" option from order manager checkout. The code for it is still around. (r 5558)
  • UI change of send email link (r 5559)
  • New link to mark orders as completed on the order view page. This shows up when all the items are completed. (r 5560)
  • new findParty service which moves the logic of the old findParty.bsh to the service layer from the view layer (r 5523)
  • extensive formatting changes to communication screens (r 5526, 5542, 5543)
  • communication events can now be viewed (as HTML) with a link to edit (r 5530, 5531)
  • error message when product feature can't be found shows product Id (r 5528)
  • clean up of product screens screen-widget code, changing field-map from env-name to field-name (r 5537)
  • fixed problems with field type conversions in update product keyword servlet (r 5538)
  • facilities now supports a default inventory item type (r 5546)
  • returns can now be received as serialized or non-serialized (r 5546)


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