Friday, August 26, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r5601

41 new commits this week. SVN 5601 builds and installs successfully.

Significant changes this week
  1. Many new screens in marketing and party application for contact lists and communication events
  2. Enhancements to security permissions for applications
  3. Many bug fixes this week
Thanks to our contributors
This week's contributors include Don Whiting, David, Andy, Leon, and myself.

Entity Model Changes
  • ProductStore now has a "showCheckoutGiftOptions" field. Set it to "N" to disable whether "Order is a gift?" is shown in checkout, order confirmation, and order status/detail pages. (r 5567)
  • JobSandbox is now indexed by "statusId" and "runByInstanceId" (r 5574)
  • OrderAdjustment's "amountPerQuantity" and "percentage" are now "oldAmountPerQuantity" and "oldPercentage" and are considered deprecated (r 5575)
  • Payment now has "actualCurrencyAmount" and "actualCurrencyUomId" to help with reconciliations (r 5576)
  • GlAccountAndOrganization view-entity now has a foreign-key to GlAccount, to help with period closing services (r 5580)
  • PartyAcctgPreference's "COGSMethodId" is now "cogsMethodId" (r 5583)
  • PartyAcctgPreference now has a "invoiceSequenceEnumId" which controls how invoices' sequence numbers are generated (r 5584)
  • New view-entities PaymentMethodAndCreditCard and PaymentMethodAndGiftCard (r 5587)
Seed Data Changes
  • Invoices can now be sequenced in one of three ways (r 5584):
    • Standard - the old way, there may be gaps in sequence numbers
    • Enforced sequence - no gaps, each invoice follows the previous one
    • Restart each year - no gaps, sequence number starts at 1 each fiscal year
  • New SecurityPermissionGroup "OFBTOOLS" to view admin applications (r 5588, 5589, 5590)
  • New tax authority seed data for UT and TX (r 5594, 5601)
Base and Framework
  • RequestHandler now displays error messages when a request returns "error" (5562)
  • Add support for BigDecimal in ObjectType (r 5570)
  • Simple-method "calculate" now supports BigDecimal with a default of 2 decimal places and a "rounding-method" attribute which can be set to Ceiling, Floor, Up, Down, HalfUp, HalfDown, HalfEven (r 5570)
  • UtilHttp now has a stripViewParamsFromQueryString method which automatically retrieves viewIndex and viewSize (r 5571)
  • Simple-method "calculate" changed to use scale more explicitly for more reliable calculation results (r 5573)
  • New methods isDouble and isFloat in UtilValidate, plus clean up of some existing methods (r 5578)
  • Added to code to make "is-enabled" flag actually work for components (r 5579)
  • ComponentConfig supports multiple base permissions, separated by commas (r 5586, 5596)
  • Updated accounting transaction services with code from GL component, fixing some problems like setting default reconcile status to "not reconciled (5574)
  • Fix InvoiceWorker methods to get bill to and send from partyIds, based on moving invoice parties from InvoiceRole to Invoice.partyId and .partyIdFrom (5593)
Accounting/GL Implementation
  • Fixed problem with resetting GL account balances
  • Created demo seed data file to import initial balance sheet into GL application, which shows how to set up a company in OFBiz GL
  • The GL application is at Milestone 1 now: it can support core GL needs of most product-oriented companies that deals with purchasing, inventory management, sales, and payments, generate basic financial and tax reports, and export GL entries to outside accounting systems
  • Fix service definition (wrong class name) for findRelatedConent service (r 5600)
  • Many pages modified to determine whether "Order is a gift?" is shown, based on product store setting. (r 5567)
  • Fixed problem with "USERNAME" in the URL when clicking on "Not you?" (r 5572)
  • Clean up of customer settings screen and allow solicitation ("Y" or "N") fix (r 5577)
  • Credit card and EFT options only show up in checkout if set in product store (r 5582)
  • Fixes bug of unknown "checkoutpayment" request after creating a new credit card during checkout (r 5595)
  • Screens to create contact lists and communication events (r 5569, 5598)
  • Removed "Payment already received" from checkout sequence in order entry, though code to support it still exists (r 5564)
  • Null pointer checks in ShoppingCart and CheckOutHelper (r 5585)
  • Fix bad links back to party manager from shipment settings in order creation process (r 5599)
  • Tab to space changes (SVN r 5561)
  • Fixed problem of createPersonAndUserLogin not encrypting passwords (
  • Format clean ups (SVN r 5563, 5581)
  • Fixed appbar (r 5597)