Friday, September 23, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r5810

58 new commits this week. SVN 5810 builds and installs successfully.

Significant changes this week
  1. New feature to turn shopping lists to quotes, orders, and request
  2. New feature to send order confirmation email with PDF
  3. Upgraded Apache libraries
  4. Many enhancements to the form widget
Thanks to our contributors
This week's contributors include Buxerolles, Peter Goron, Malin Nicholas, Ashish Hareet, Jacopo, David, Andy, and myself.

Entity Model Changes
  • New view entities for workeffort: WorkEffortPartyAssignView, WorkEffortCommunicationEventView, WorkEffortShoppingListView, WorkEffortQuoteView, WorkEffortOrderHeaderView (r 5763)
  • ProductStoreEmailSetting now has a new field "xslfoAttachScreenLocation" which can be used to specify an XSL:FO template for the email (r 5775)
  • CustRequestItem now has a selectedAmount field to support products that require an amount (r 5803)
Base and Framework
  • Screen widget renderer now allows requestAttributes to override requestParameters, so that the entity engine or service engine can pass values into screen widgets. (r 5754)
  • Truition cookie path and lifespan added to in securityext component (r 5755)
  • IDEA files (OFBIZ.iml, .ipr, .iws) added to the svn ignore list (r 5756)
  • "use-cache" attribute in minilang is now set to default to "false" but no longer restricted to "true" or "false" only (r 5757)
  • New "check-pks-on-start" attribute in entity engine's database configuration (r 5759) MySQL set not to check primary keys on start up. (r 5768)
  • Form widget lists can now paginate (r 5760)
  • Form widget reuses field information from the fields (r 5761)
  • Form widget will no longer render a link when there's no link description (r 5764)
  • Form widget fields which have "use-when" conditions will override those without them when the "use-when" conditions are true (r 5788)
  • Upgraded to Apache Jakarta Commons Digester version 1.7. In the future, libraries will have version numbers. (r 5789, r 5790)
  • Upgraded JasperReports version 1.0.2 (r 5792)
  • Updated eclipse .classpath file to reflect new libraries above (r5793, r5794)
  • Fixed dangling characters which caused the form widget's calendar boxes not to work (r 5801)
  • GenericDelegator now has methods to clone and change initialization objects (r 5802)
  • Entity Engine XML now has an "disable-eeca" attribute next to the tag which can be used to disable entity engine ECAs when the data is loaded (r 5803)
  • Accounting component's user documentation is now current as of R 5801.
  • Decorator name now changed to "MainContentDecorator" (r 5762)
  • More comprehensive error message when an email can't be sent (r 5769)
  • New services and screens to create WorkEffort for Quotes (r 5753)
  • Order parties can now get the tax exemption benefits of the party group (r 5758)
  • New feature to create a quote from the shopping cart, including a new "createQuoteFromCart" service (r 5766)
  • Link to create an order from a cart (r 5772)
  • Fixed order of "quoteId" attribute for createQuoteWorkEffort service (r 5773)
  • Split up services.xml to services_request.xml, _requirement.xml, _return.xml, and _shopinglist.xml (r 5774)
  • Link from order detail page to requirements points to the page in order manager instead of manufacturing (r 5779)
  • Quote form now displays a "delete" link for promo quote items as well (r 5781)
  • Code cleanup in CheckOutEvents finalize method (r 5782)
  • "custRequestName" field is now optional in the CustRequest services, with a change to "interfaceCustRequest" (r 5783)
  • When a quote item is added to shopping cart, the unit price item is calculated correctly when the quote item has an amount quantity (r 5784)
  • Implemented a quick checkout process for orders created from a quote with a new setDefaultCheckoutOptions method in ShoppingCart (r 5785)
  • Some of the OrderHeader lookup screens are now pre-filled (r 5787)
  • When exploding an order item to its auto-explode marketing package components, the product names of the components are now the correct product name content, instead of "internalName" (r 5791)
  • Fixed problem where payToPartyId was not set in CheckOutHelper's processCaptureResult method (r 5797)
  • Fixed problem with editing the quantities of purchase order items. Now the correct purchasing price from SupplierProduct based on quantity breaks are returned (r 5807, r 5808)
  • New capability to attach a PDF to an order confirmation email (r 5809, r 5810)
  • Clean up of communication event screens (r 5765)
  • CSS clean up of viewprofile screen (r 5767)
  • New feature to create a shopping cart, request, or order from a shopping list (r 5772)
  • Fixed problem with "Expire" link for contact mechs, where the partyId was submitted twice (r 5786)
  • Fixed bug with finding parties by their user login (r 5799)
  • Button look change in party forms (r 5800)
  • Price and promo calculations now correctly use party relationships (no longer two way, but the partyIdFrom is the group and the partyIdTo is the group member) (r 5758)
  • ProductWorker has a new getParaentProduct(productId, delegator) method to find the parent of a product. This is code re-factored out of ShoppingCartItem (r 5776)
  • Fixed catalog manager bug where creating a new carrier shipment method (r 5777, r 5778)
  • Fixed problem where inventory reservations were not setting the correct "quantityNotAvailable" to item inventory reservations (r 5795)
  • Find and edit facility pages in facility manager now have buttontext (r 5796)
  • Formatting changes in facility manager (r 5798)
  • Fixed problem where detailed inventory item records are not created with ATP and QOH values (r 5805)
Work Effort
  • New summary screen of what's related to a work effort (r 5763)
  • Cleanup of work effort screens (r 5806)
Open Travel Systems
  • Bug fixes for creating customer in checkout and error checking code in MT940 import (r 5770, 5771)