Friday, September 30, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r5867

57 new commits this week. SVN 5869 builds and installs successfully. (There is a problem with the entitymodel_odbc for WorldShip, but that should not affect the main part of the code.)

Significant changes this week
  1. New "set" operation in minilang. The old "field-to-field", "field-to-env", "env-to-field," and "env-to-env" are now deprecated.
  2. New quote to order features: ability of ecommerce users to see quotes, request quotes based on shopping lists and carts; in order manager, new screens for managing quotes and quote items; quote items are automatically set to "ordered" when they are ordered.
  3. Lots of clean up of HTML
Thanks to our contributors
This week's contributors include Yannick Thebault, Firras, Ashish Hareet, Hans Bakker, Jacopo, David, Andy, and ourselves.

Entity Model Changes
  • All tax related entities (SimpleSalesTaxLookup, TaxAuthority, TaxAuthorityCategory, TaxAuthorityGlAccount, TaxAuthorityRateProduct, TaxAuthorityRateType, ZipSalesRuleLookup) moved from order to accounting entitymodel.xml (r 5833)
  • TaxAuthority now has new fields "taxIdFormatPattern" and "useMainItemPrice," which is used to determine whether the "main item" on an invoice should be used to calculate all taxes (r 5834)
  • TaxAuthorityRateProduct now uses "taxAuthorityRateSeqId" for its primary key, instead of eight other fields (r 5834)
  • OrderHeader relations to ProductStore and createdByUserLogin now require foreign keys (r 5843)
  • CustRequest now has a "fromPartyId" field (r 5846)
  • PartyContent now has a content purpose enumeration id, to identify what the content is for (r 5848)
  • PartyGroup now has a logoImageUrl property
Seed Data Changes
  • TaxAuthorityRateType moved from order seed data to accounting seed data (r 5848)
  • New enumeration for "Logo" for Party content (r 5848)
  • More data for party groups for generating PDFs (r 5860)
Base and Framework
  • Screen widget now has get-related and get-related-one operations (r 5819)
  • New set operation for simple-method, which allows an explicit type (ie, Double, Long, etc.) (r 5820, 5821, 5822)
  • env-to-env, field-to-field, env-to-field, field-to-env are all now officially deprecated (r 5823, 5824)
  • "set" operation has "set-if-null" and "set-if-empty" attributes which default to false and true, respectively (r 5826)
  • Entity engine - GenericHelper clean up, encryption of incoming values for lookup (r 5831)
  • "Set" operation no longer defaults to String (r 5842)
  • selectAll java script can now pass in the form name or default to the old one if none is passed in (r 5856)
  • Fixed problem with HTML menu rendering where the HTML tags had "style" instead of "class" (r 5864)
  • Cleanup and fixes of fixed asset screens (r 5861)
  • Removed redundant or unused pages (r 5862, 5866)
Accounting/GL Implementation
  • Similar cleanup of code as in rest of project.
  • Changed survey response services to use the new set operation (r 5825)
  • New quote screens, which allow logged in users to see their quotes and transform them to orders (r 5838)
  • User can now request a quote based on items in a shopping cart or shopping list (r 5849)
  • Fixed bug of updating prices for products which require an amount as well as quantity by setting amount before calling updatePrice (r 5818)
  • all setQuantity methods now update the price regardless of whether it's a purchase or sales order (r 5818)
  • Order lookup changed from "pack" to "pick" (r 5830)
  • New report for quotes (r 5836)
  • New SECA so that every time an order item is created, there is a check to see if it comes from a quote. If it does, the quote is updated to "ordered." (r 5836)
  • New quote-related ui labels (r 5837)
  • Set a default amount of 1.0 for calculating quotes for items that require an amount (r 5839)
  • Shopping cart now has a "read only" mode so that when it is created from a quote, it cannot be modified (r 5841)
  • OrderServices minilang script now uses set and entity-* operations (r 5844)
  • Fixed bug where adding in bulk from a cart to a shopping list was not passing through the currency (r 5847)
  • createRequest services re-factored to allow the service to be called frome commerce (r 5849)
  • when creating a request from shopping list, the request name is taken from the shopping list name (r 5852)
  • new forms to update quote attributes and coefficients (r 5853)
  • Fixed bugs with edit communication page (r 5815)
  • Fixed communication event screens (r 5840)
  • Party lookup will no longer do a search for all parties (without any constraints) unless you specify it (r 5850)
  • Refactored minilang scripts to use "set" and "entity-*" (r 5859)
  • Fixed problem with price rules and promos when the partyId is empty. (r 5811)
  • Fixed Party Group Membership class price rules and promo rules. (r 5811)
  • Implemented Party Classification price rules (r 5811)
  • Clean up of product store and inventory services using new minilang "set" operation (r 5827)
  • New service which polls the shipment staging table to update shipment info (r 5829)
  • Pick list report now shows all items where there are no locations specified (r 5829)
  • Pick list order sheets now show a barcode for each order/shipment group (r 5829)
  • Style and button form changes on product forms (r 5835)
  • Refactoring of minilang scripts to use "set" and "entity-" operations (r 5845)
  • In catalog manager, edit product store roles now does a lookup based on party names (r 5854)
Work Effort
  • Work Effort Communication screens now use the WorkEffortCommEvent view entity (r 5815)
  • Clean up of work effort code, with more use of view entities to make lists more informative (r 5832)
  • Removed old work effort stuff, including project/phase/task, which has been replaced by hierarchical workefforts (r 5863)
Open Travel System
  • From a bank statement file (MT 940), create payments, parties, invoices, payment applications (r 5816)
Misc Changes
  • French localization in accounting, ecommerce, order, product, and common (r 58
  • Replaced all "standardSubmit" CSS button style with "smallSubmit" (r 5855)
  • Clean up of widget forms throughout the application, specifically:
A whole bunch of form and screen cleanups; main thing fixed is the use of property-map in the form def files which somehow has spread all over the place and is not the best place to put it, but worse is that none of these (somehow...) had global=true so they were overriding the uiLabelMap values that already existed which messed up a lot of forms; also did a bunch of changes when using the performFind service to use value=EntityName in the entityName field-map instead of having it parameterized which is an older style and is difficult to read and has unnecessary extra line of code; also various formatting and consistency cleanups

(r 5857)
  • HTML clean up (r 5865)