Friday, December 21, 2007

ofbiz r 606229

Adding new string utility methods to collapse characters (606035)
Fix bug where the X Product for Y% Discount (PROMO_PROD_DISC) action wasn't checking if the action quantity had been met. (604551)
Fix bug in getOrderItemSubTotal method used with RENTAL_ORDER_ITEM (604420)
A few improvements to return refunds (mainly focused on handling offline payment types):
1. When calculating payments received for an order, now looking at Payment instead of PaymentGatewayResponse; 2. When pulling the PaymentPreferences to refund against, now considering the received status as well as settled; 3. If the PaymentPreference is not electronic or a billing account, now creating a payment with the correct details set instead of creating a "filler" payment (whatever that was) (604811)
Ability to add items with modifiers in POS (604993)
Fix bug where WSDL returns error if datatype of parameter is Long or Timestamp (605075)
Set ssl connector's clientAuth to false (605129)
added new service to reset scheduled jobs (605258)
updated job list UI with new link to reset a RUNNING job (605259)
added initial status when using the schedule() method; changed wait() to sleep() in invoker (605290)
fix to the synchronization of threads being removed by jobInvoker and JobPoller (605371)
updated thread list to show ttl and # of jobs processed per thread (605372)

Friday, December 14, 2007

ofbiz r 604182

Added new FOP templates and decorator. The new FOP decorator operates more like the screen GlobalDecorator. Parameters can be passed to templates via the layoutSettings Map, and there is an assortment of standard page size templates. (602516)
Correct a problem with calendar window popup (602586)
Implemented new wrapper service and refactored the quick return creation to use it: in this way the creation of the return header and the creation of the items and adjustments are all in the same atomic transaction. No header is created if the creation of the items/adjustments fails. (602649)
UtilDateTime show number of days between timestamps and add a day to a timestamp (602650)
UtilProperties bug fixes (603024, 603059)
Created a fop log4j logger because the root logger setting of "all" was bogging down fop rendering. (603107)
Enable entity reference PDF menu item now that fop rendering speed has been fixed. (603108)
New ebay component (603323, 603325, 603326, 603345, 603349, 603351, 603353,)
FOP code enhancements (603483)
Improved error handling in ScreenFopViewHandler (603703)
Search for product by goodId type/value in googlebase (603734) and catalog (603735)
Fix paypal not creating order payment preference (604030)

Friday, December 07, 2007

ofbiz r 602099

Entity engine fix for the lock wait timeout problem that was happening for large sets of orders and other high volume operations, and long-lived operations with lots of asynchronous service calls; this includes some diagnostic code to show the status of transactions in other threads when a lock wait timeout error is detected; the main fix here is a big cleanup of the concurrency handling in the JobManager and JobPoller objects, including the use of sleep instead of wait for more strict and consistent sync locking, and the use of different objects for locking different parts of that class since some are meant to be used by various other threads (like the queueNow and next methods) and others are only for the poller thread, like the run method; this also includes certain other small cleanups and improvements, like using FastList/FastMap more (600164)
SqlJdbcutil backward compatibility to use getBytes if getBlob fails (600224)
Create an OrderPaymentPreference record for each OrderItemShipGroup + Splits the ShipGroup per vendor. (601245, 601255, 601269)
amount needs to be a Double for createReturnAdjustment (601268)
Added comments and an if to JobPoller to protect a call to remove just in case this method is used in the future in anything other than the method (601382)
Auto marketing packages are now produced for immediately fulfilled orders (601627)
OrderReadHelper round the total rather than the subtotals to avoid prematurely rounding tax adjustments (602011)