Friday, January 26, 2007

OFBiz Development r500431

Approximately 60 new commits this week. SVN r 500431 builds and installs successfully. Key changes this week:
  1. New Asset Maintenance application in specialpurpose/ folder
  2. Blogging support in ecommerce module
  3. Upgrade to Shark 1.1_2
  4. Continued re-factoring of security permissions
  5. Changed Apache license headers to newer version

  • new FixedAssetMaintOrder entity and related artifacts (r 498576)
  • Fix issue where createPayment service said it uses PAY_INFO_CREATE but was actually looking for PAY_INFO_UPDATE permission (r 500272)
Asset Maintenance
  • New asset maintenance component application in specialpurpose/ folder (r 498956, 498895)
Base and Framework
  • more minilang documentation in xsd (r 498005, 498165, 498826, 499029, 500393)
  • Integration Shark 1.1_2 into OFBIZ (r 498425, 499595, 500328)
  • Added some Enumeration services (r 498540)
  • also refactored permissions for various of the common services to use the new permission-service pattern (r 498540)
  • updated svn:ignore file content (r 498686)
  • implemented base set permission service (r 498789)
  • added some entries for primitive types and a few more of the common java.lang objects to the CachedClassLoader (r 498921)
  • Fix potential NPE with service error generation code (r 500005)
  • New call in ContentServices setContentStatus to checkContentP[ermission based on content role. (r 499124)
  • Changing the direction and definition of the ContentAssocViewTo/From and ContentAssocDataResourceViewTo/From view defs. Basically flip-flopping the definitions of each pair. This is to follow the rule regarding ContentAssoc that contentId and mapKey combine to point *to* the contentIdTo child content. (r 499253)
  • Changes to ContentManagementServices.persistContentAndAssoc to comply with change of subcontent "direction". (r 499256)
  • Moved some documentation that was out of place in BlogServices.xml. (r 499262)
  • Fixing the content name of attachments to emails so that they show up just as the filename (r 499102)
  • Removed code which was truncating file names of email attachments down to the first 17 characters. (r 499122)
Entity Model
  • new FixedAssetMaintOrder entity and related artifacts (r 498576)
  • Changed relationship from FixedAssetMaintenance to OrderHeader from "PurchaseOrderHeader" to just "OrderHeader" (r 498765)
  • Fixed bug where unknown mimetypes were crashing content upload by making relationship from Content and DataResource to MimeType one-nofk. (r 498877, 499107)
Multiple Components
  • Updates to French ui labels (r 498086, 498121, 498265)
  • Changed APACHE2_HEADER file to reflect the new ASF policy of no copyright notices in the headers (r 498244, 499486, 499759, 499939, 499125)
  • Added support for orderByFields in the context for the categorydetail page, for sorting the products in the category (r 497952)
  • Fix bug where receiving returned serialized items puts them in AVAILABLE status when they should be in RETURNED status (r 498035)
  • Creating a purchase order allows shipping information step to be skipped (r 498094)
  • Added enhancement to the getPreviousNextProducts to support an orderByFields list, optionally in the context as well (r 498945)
  • Moving the submit button to top right of order agreements screen in ordermgr checkout, following the pattern of the preceeding and following checkout screens. (r 499920)
  • Fix bug with receive offline payments screen in ordermgr which was not filling in partyId of customer or the currency of payment. (r 500280)
  • Approved product requirements by vendor screen which counts the number of products approved for each supplier (r 500287, 500365)
  • extra email purposes for billing and payment emails to send/receive invoices per email (r 498252, 498287)
  • Added sum view-entity for communications so we can count them by status and partyIdTo. Small change to order the communication event list by newest first. (r 499194)
  • Changes to the product features screens: categoryName has priority over description, and changed bulk add features screen to default to check all row submit boxes (r 498247, 498248)
  • Fixed problem when searching by ProductCategoryAndMember to use findByAndCache instead of getRelatedCache (r 498504)
  • Added ProductAndCategoryMember entity for general use; used now in the getProductCategoryAndLimitedMembers service when ordering by fields on the Product entity (r 498508)
  • implementation of the upsRateInquireByPostalCode service (r 498935, 498937)
  • Fix bugs with dhl shipIT which does not support ZIP+4 (r 499161)
  • Refactored ProductContent screens to not use relative form refs, for easy derived apps (r 499309)
  • add country code to UPS services (r 499957, 500144)
Web Tools
  • added view to show loaded components (r 499098)
Work Effort
  • Re-factored workeffort permissions (r 498790)
  • workeffort deep copy feature (r 498882)
  • Fix bug where if customer requests return, we can't receive it because the return form doesn't fill in the productId. (r 499533)
  • New blog example in ecommerce (r 499264)
  • updated demo data with supplier order preferences for products. this will allow you to see MRP features more easily (r 499885, 500427, 500431)
opentaps Financials
  • Cleaned up separate roles permissions to allow for AR, AP, Transactions specialists with separate screens
  • Improved useability of payments lookups and screens
  • Comparative income statements and balance sheet reports
opentaps CRM
  • Outbound email processing listener improved
  • Viewing of emails fixed up
  • Fixed problems with teams and with team contacts

Friday, January 19, 2007

OFBiz Development r497947

52 new commits this week. OFBIZ 497947 builds and installs successfully. Mostly a week of bug fixes and small improvements, with import changes to enhance the pick list and order packing features from Andy.

Base and Framework
  • Fix bug with incorrect rendering of international characters in PDF reports created using XSL:FO (r 495969)
  • More documentation of minilang (r 496094)
  • Changed FreeMarkerWorker to remove entry named null from context before processing the template with it (r 496193)
  • Adding for missing security i18n (r 496277, 496510)
  • Changed entity-name attribute on minilang find-by-primary-key element back to be optional (r 496594)
  • Removed ODBC entity model files and org.ofbiz.odbc (r 496774, 496784)
  • Added install-extseed build target as that is a commonly used option for custom use (r 497004)
  • Fix a problem with testGroup found while running ant run-install after an ant clean-all on an updated working space (r 497011)
  • changed HashMap and ArrayList to FastMap and FastList in StringUtil (r 497180)
  • Fixes to CSS for line heights to make the products menu look better (r 497218)
  • Combine the maincss.css and tabstyles.css files; part of a larger effort to clean up the css and related style/formatting stuff in the OFBiz HTML (r 497718)
  • Added handy relations for ContentAndRole to DataResource. (r 497886)
  • Some fixes for the RenderContentAsText tag, also some cleanups (r 497934)
  • Changed to log but not blow up when there is a content rendering error (r 497940)
Entity Model
  • Removed ODBC entity model files and org.ofbiz.odbc (r 496774, 496784)
  • Added an overrideGlAccountId to the PaymentApplication entity to specify a payment directly against that GL account (r 496787)
Multiple Components
  • Change of the ASL2 headers (r 496982, 497074, 497359, 497255)
  • Fix bug where "Add to cart" button still active even though last feature is not selected (r 495898)
  • Changing "force new transaction" parameter in "authOrderPayments" service call from "true" to "false". Was causing the OrderHeader in above call to "createOrder" not to be found in "authOrderPayments" because it had not been committed in its transaction. (r 496866)
  • Fixed bug where billing account amount wasn't being set properly in ordermgr checkout. (r 497680)
  • Fix bug in quickcheckout where the tax is not calculated before the payments are created. As of this commit, the checkout pages for ecommerce and ordermgr produce correct payment maxAmounts for a variety of payment method options, especially Billing Account. (r 497689)
  • Some cleanups for the CategoryWorker.getCategoryContentWrappers method (r 497728)
  • Added orderByFields feature to the getProductCategoryAndLimitedMembers entity, which also intelligently supports using the ProductCategoryAndMember view entity when needed rather than just the ProductCategoryMember entity (r 497944)
  • This solves the pagination problem with filters on orders list and find order(s). I added a new (last) column "Filters" where are shown trigrams (3 letters) indicators for each filters. For instance "So" might be "Inv, Aut" and "PO" are "Eta, Par, Rej" (in english, will be internationalised) (r 497947)
  • When deleting a communicationevent with attached workeffort, delete related WorkEffortKeyword records too (r 495919)
  • Fixes to Party Entity UI labels (r 497208)
  • Create variant products now will insert a "-" between feature id codes. (r 495891)
  • ShoppingCart.addOrIncreaseItem now takes an explicit parentProductId parameter to specify the parent product of variant products explicitly if necessary (r 495945, 497618)
  • Added category content types for category image and links (r 496585)
  • Added ExcludeVariants constraint for the ProductSearch stuff, plus an indicator on the ProductStore to turn it on an off; also made small change in the way the auto-add of the view allow constraint works; did a few brief tests and all seems to be working fine (r 496617)
  • Implemented status on picklist items for order picking. Now picklists will automatically complete when the items are marked as completed. (r 496775, 496778)
  • new PickListServices helper method to check if bin is complete (r 496779)
  • Updated order packing code (r 496780)
  • updated picking and packing service definitions and ecas (r 496781)
  • updated pick list screens to show status of items; also added a UI which shows all orders which WOULD be added to the pick list if ran (on the options screen) (r 496783)
  • Fix a problem found while running ant run-install after an ant clean-all on an updated working space. Moved Atribute from last line above "
  • Revert product category lookup change in EditProduct form so that it still looks up against categories to which the Product is already assigned. (r 497094)
  • Add product category lookup to ordermgr's showcart for PO, fix some issues in catalog mgr caused by new prod category lookups. (r 497101)
  • Added orderByFields feature to the getProductCategoryAndLimitedMembers entity, which also intelligently supports using the ProductCategoryAndMember view entity when needed rather than just the ProductCategoryMember entity (r 497944)
Seed Data
  • Cosmetic changes to product i18n content (r 495900)
  • Some gl accounts related to payroll (r 497558, 496906)
  • Removed (r 496570)
  • Changed response.sendRedirect to pageContext.forward to avoid the re-directing the home page for customer facing applications (r 497884)
opentaps Financials
  • Fix some bugs with AR/AP reports
  • Initial modeling of paychecks and employee/employer payroll responsibilities
opentaps CRM
  • Improved team management capabilities, including ability to deactivate teams
  • Email processing tool can now process outgoing and incoming emails, so if you set up your mail server to do BCC, it will automatically associate them with various parties
  • Improved activities search with range of dates
  • New file upload and url bookmarking feature, currently just for leads/accounts/contacts

Friday, January 12, 2007

OFBiz Development r495740

53 new commits this week. OFBIZ SVN r 495740 builds and installs successfully. Important changes:
  1. Significant re-factoring of service groups and service permission definitions in the services xml files.
  2. Improved support for serialized inventory and physical variance in the facility manager.

Base and Framework
  • refactor of service groups; implemented in-line group definition in standard service defs, this removes the need to create two definitions for a service group. Old group definition files are still supported, but need to be updated to change 'service' to 'invoke'. (r 493117)
  • allows the 'service' element to be passed in new service group definition, but returns a warning message (r 493135)
  • Fixed service eca rule so that parameter setters only happen when conditions eval as true (r 493184)
  • Implemeted default values for service parameters; when default-value is set, it becomes optional, if no value is passed, the defined default value is used. (r 493185)
  • Implemented new interface for custom service security (r 493185)
  • Changed JobManager finalize() method to shutdown() since calling finalize() is not recommended in java (r 493185)
  • Fixed and improved comments in simple-methods xsd (r 493176, 493502, 494212, 494323)
  • Fixed problem with map-key alternative of assoc-name in the sub-content screen widget element (r 493653)
  • updated test services to reflect new inline group changes to service defs (r 493926)
  • added ability to pass in OutputFormat object in UtilXml (r 493930)
  • added quick method to obtain an outputstream in FileUtil (r 493931)
  • Added selector for TH elements in main css file, so that TH elements and tableheadtext class are decorated in the same way. (r 494123)
  • implemented new service based permission; removed the ServiceSecurity interface which this now replacess (r 494718)
  • userLogin service now implementes the authentication service interface (r 494719)
  • added examples of using new service based security; removed all security calls from the simple methods, added the security line to the definitions, implemented a generic simple permission example (r 494720)
  • Added resource-description attribute to permission-service element, which if not specified will default to the service-name for the main service; this is then passed to the permission service for use in error messages, etc; added example to this in the example component; also updated the header on the ExamplePermissionServices.xml file to make it more consistent (r 494762)
  • Fixed bug with getting default info for resource description (r 495523)
  • final refactor of content upload services; now the upload (save file) service is broken down so it can be reused to upload any content and attach to an existing dataresource. The dataresource shell should be created before calling the upload service A new createContentFromUploadedFile (group) service will do the following: 1) create data resource 2) accept uploaded stream, update datasource and save the local file 3) create content record associated with data resource (r 493122)
  • added create/update electronic text service calls to the create/updateTextContent group(s) (r 493925)
  • Fix some missing UI labels (r 495739, 495740)
  • Turned off transactions for the getBOMTree because it does not store any data, and wrapping it in transactions caused timeouts when doing a large BOM (r 494910)
Multiple Components
  • existing service group files migrated to new format (r 493120)
  • fixed route services (for update) and createTextContent; implemented both party and workeffort services (r 493129)
  • Fixed some french translations (r 493487)
  • uploadPartyContentFile now calls into the new content services, then calls the createPartyContent service. One step to upload a file attached to a user. (r 493123)
  • For contact list emails, the status remains in PENDING until the async send email service complets (r 495066, 495429)
  • Screen in facility manager to do physical inventory variance on multiple inventory items on one screen, search by productId or internal name (r 494138, 495042)
  • Fix bug where shipped serialized inventory items were not decreasing the QoH. (r 494270)
  • Go to view inventory item after receiving a single product. Also set the status of received serialized items to INV_AVAILABLE using updateInventoryItem to be consistent with the receiving of non-serialized inventory. (r 494271)
  • Changed the categories in catalog manager from a dropdown to a lookup, to help with stores with lots of categories. NOTE: We could still use your help cleaning up the lookup code. (r 494515, 494558, 494682)
  • Fix bug with USPS Rate estimate (r 495725)
Seed Data
  • fixed wrong type id for interest receipt (r 493219)
  • New party classification of wholesale vs. retail and new contact mech purpose type of Direct Inward Dialing for phone numbers (r 494229)
  • Added alt text ProductContentTypes for the image types (r 494313)
Work Effort
  • added upate workeffort content; extended the workeffort content wrapper to pull IDs (data resource and content) (r 493221)
  • extend WorkEffort advanced search UI (r 493684)
  • Fixed logic of WorkEffortAssoc from and to combination to be ORed instead of ANDed as would make sense to produce any results (r 493688)
  • Tested and fixed the 2-way WorkEffortAssoc search (r 493690)
  • Added little demo of 2 content sections included on the policies page (r 493431)
  • Hindi translation of ecommerce file (r 494043)
opentaps CRM
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Activities can now be searched by date and status as well as by activity name
  • Notification emails are now sent out when an account or lead is assigned or when an internal party is added to an activity (event or task)
opentaps Financials
  • Improved inventory value detail report to show breakdown of adjustment GL accounts by product and inventory item
  • Implemented correct handling of serialized inventory accounting based exclusively on InventoryItem.statusId rather than shipment or receipt which is the case for non-serialized inventory

Friday, January 05, 2007

OFBiz Development r493089

80+ new commits over the last two weeks. SVN r 493089 builds and installs successfully. Significant changes over the last two weeks are:
  1. The OFBIZ SVN has moved! You must now switch to the new SVN at and will no longer be able to get updates from the old SVN in the incubator.
  2. New party content wrapper and the ability to upload content to a party in the party manager.
  3. Improvements in the way service interfaces and secas are implemented.
  • add new payment type of interest receipt (r 492220)
  • Fix Duplicate Id error on Create New FixedAsset (r 492411)
  • Improved find for existing FixedAsset (r 492767)
  • fix misclassification of Income accounts as debit when they are actually credit accounts in the accounting seed data (r 492837)
Base and Framework
  • Updated .classpath file for Eclips to reflect recent changes to included jars. (r 491055, 491070)
  • New UtilFormatOut.mkaeSqlSafe method which replaces ' with '' (r 491221)
  • Include the sessionId in the request handler log messages. Includes a new method to get the sessionId from an HttpServletRequest, which returns "unknown" if no session is defined. (r 491944)
  • More documentation of simple-method minilang xsd (r 491947, 491819, 492156, 492311)
  • Better organized the smallSubmit selector. (r 492304)
  • Fix bug where UtilCache fileStore location was incorrect (r 492418)
  • implement field override for eca services; you can now use inside of a seca. See framework/common/servicedef/secas_test.xml There are also format options, see the updated XSD for options. (r 492770, 492772, 492773)
  • changed which implement other services to specifiy if the parameters should be optional or default to the inherited service; rather than always being optional. (r 492815, 492816, 492848)
  • a couple of email to contact list improvements: skip the storeEmailAsCommunication service if there is a communicationEventId w/ a SECA condition, and avoid storing of email when the contact list is a NEWSLETTER (r 492782)
  • updated some file type data (r 492844)
  • moved upload content code to the content component (from party); made more generic and added speedy services for creating uploaded content; also added service for text content (not yet tested) (r 492850)
  • Fixed some html tags to avoid warning messages from the html validator. (r 490481)
  • cleanup of css styles in manufacturing webapp (r 492187, 492201, 492242)
  • Minor change to fix an html validator warning. (r 489920)
  • A bunch of fixes for html validation for the order view screen; no functional changes. (r 489999, 490004)
  • Fixed bugs with order delivery services (r 490667)
  • Fix exception on checkout with apostrophe in address (r 491221)
  • fix bug where a null adj.amount could crash the return items screen (r 492040)
  • implemented PartyContentWrapper; added some worker methods to PartyWorker (r 491086, 492492)
  • Party content administration screens (r 492494)
  • a couple of email to contact list improvements: skip the storeEmailAsCommunication service if there is a communicationEventId w/ a SECA condition, and avoid storing of email when the contact list is a NEWSLETTER (r 492782)
  • refactored content implementations; added ability to upload documents to a user's profile (r 492853, 492877)
Point Of Sales
  • Fix bug where character buffer is out of synch with enter key (r 490040)
  • Brought back the manager shut down button which was accidentally disabled (r 490070)
  • Informations from that are good to be putted here. (r 490267)
  • Changed so price conditions must succeed on the product itself and not on the product OR the virtual product if the main product is a variant; I don't know why that was put in there in the first place, so just commenting out for a while to see if it causes any problems; considering the virtual product does cause problems in certain circumstances with false positives on conditions (r 489958)
  • Fix bug in edit product content page with quotes (r 490268)
  • Fixed bad noNamespaceSchemaLocation attribute in shipment receipt services (r 490739)
  • Printing product barcode from product screens (r 490893, 490961)
  • fixed bug with incorrect Product Supplier update and delete in some locales (r 491871)
  • Removed bad css class name on some catalog manager pages. (r 492290, 492292, 492294)
  • Return the original statusId when an InventoryItem is updated. (r 492367)
Seed Data
  • add new payment type of interest receipt (r 492220)
  • fix misclassification of Income accounts as debit when they are actually credit accounts in the accounting seed data (r 492837)
Web Tools
  • added quick links to webtools top bar (r 492851)
  • fixed bug where the date-time calendar does not pop up in the view generic value page (r 493089)
Work Effort
  • Applied patch with initial WorkEffort search UI and related events (r 491685)
  • added BSH script to add a workeffort content wrapper to the context (r 492497)
  • updated the content wrapper with new methdods i.e. get (without cache) getId (contentId) getFromDate getList (r 492498)
  • Refactored getWorkEffortEventsByPeriod to get the work efforts for a given Collection of partyIds. (r 492700)
  • updated workeffort content wrapper w/ additional methods (r 492878)
  • Added NPE check on "maySplit" to avoid bugs in anonymous checkout (r 489992)
  • Re-factored anonymous checkout to use DOJO toolkit (r 490651)
opentaps Financials
  • Completed new feature for assessing finance charges on outstanding invoices
  • Started work on support for accounting of serialized inventory. This is not completed yet.
opentaps CRM
  • Re-factored the printing of mailing list mailing labels to use specifications, so you can customize and add support for your labels.
  • New feature to identify duplicate parties in the system based on similar addresses or emails, so they can be merged.