Friday, October 26, 2007

OFBIZ r 588571

Some refactoring of the sequence bank refill code for the delegator: reorganized so that transaction management is inside the loop instead of out, causing each attempt to be in its own transaction to avoid doing mean things like locking and waiting; also added an extra synchronized block around the transaction that does the select/update/select stuff to protect it extra and avoid problems with waiting/sleeping (586306)
Adding Cart Constraints. Using data in product Assoc table, Remove a existing Product in cart if Product added to cart is incompatible/is Upgrade with it. (586333)
add simple status to timesheet and correct wrong foreign key (586339)
HtmlFormRender will fill empty table cells with the character: this wfixes the ugly layout in IE. (586446, 586690)*
provide a default value for the pagination-target: if not specified, now the attribute is retrieved from the request target uri. It is now possible to remove most of (if not all) the paginate-target attributes set in form definitions (586449)*
remove redundant permission checks. in CommonPermissionServices.xml (586453)
Now fin account and userlogin information is migrated when parties are linked. (586555)*
added adjustTimestamp method which doesn't require timezone or locale (586582, 586597)*
do not allow updating timesheet when status is not in progress (586663)
CrUD Services and supporting UI for VendorProduct entity. (586665)
changed connection pool to be DBCP by default now (586666)
make workkeffort 'assign' services thruDate aware (586667)
Added some seed data for vendor shipping info PartyContent for vendor parties, and roles and relationship types for spouse/child (586883)
refactored party content to follow the same pattern as the other XxxContent patterns; this includes PK changes to the datamodel, a PartyContentType entity and other minor adjustments (587127)
changed party content in ecommerce to use the new party content type features (587128)
Fairly significant update to correct a long-standing problem; reverted ByteWrapper back for backward compatibility, and then replaced all use of ByteWrapper with java.nio.ByteBuffer; the main point is to both store only the byte[] data in the database and not a serialized object containing the byte[], and at the same time be able to read the old ByteWrapper objects, and there is a service to read and update all old data to be plan bytes instead of wrapped in a serialized object; this includes changing the java-type for blob fields to be java.sql.Blob to greater compatibility and flexibility, ie you can either set a plain byte[] or you can pass in a Blob object to be persisted, you can also get both as get returns java.sql.Blob, but getBytes always returns the byte[], converting as needed (587433)
Added new field (manualOnly = Y/N) to ProductStorePromoAppl entity to specify if the promotion will be used only when manually applied by the user. (587459)
Added a couple of ProductContentTypes for product related policy info (587494)
Added logic to automatically run the store's promotions that are not set as manualOnly. (587496)
Migrated Store Payment Settings screen to widgets. (587883)
Added a shipGroupSeqId field to the OrderPaymentPreference to make it possible to tie them to a ship group on the order; this is like the orderItemSeqId field that has been around for a while to tie it to an item, and also fills the gap to be able to associate an order item and ship group combination to a payment preference; also added an orderPaymentPreferenceId to the OrderStatus entity so that this entity can also be used for payment preference status changes (588181)
Added indicator field to specify wh

Thursday, October 18, 2007

ofbiz r 586139

Java 5 markups for a whole bunch of framework stuff
switch from StringBuffer to StringBuilder
Use FastMap, FastList, etc.
String interning to reduce memory usage

Improved Common Permission Checking Simple Method & Messages (584399)
Fix bug where Main navigation won't display links for apps when user has only _ADMIN permission (584400)
Ofbiz with Google checkout. (584440)*
Customer must add a virtual product to the cart to get the price of that product (584531)*
RequestHandler typos (584697)
Added 'description' field and accessor methods to the ModelField and ModelViewEntity.ModelAlias classes to store the field level description specified in the entity definition ( tags). (584700)
Adding column for % markup in Order Item report. (584706)
minor change to PartyContentWrapper which changes variable name and cache key as this was copy/paste from another class (584831)*
in view definitions, group-by fields that are not in the select clause are not added to the group by section. (585051)
Completed implementation (in controller's event and user interface) for security code for credit cards. (585172)*
Allow a negative scrap factor to function like a salvage factor in BOMs (585198)

CRUD services and admin forms and screens for ProductStoreVendorShipment and ProductStoreVendorePayment entity. (585364)
Share login screens (585393)
Now the Webtools application reuses the login screens defined in the common component. (585396)
support for RTL languages (585398)
Geo data for India (585403)*
Fixed incorrect logic, introduced in rev. 584400, that was causing a problem in the main application bar: all the applications were visible to a user with the OFBTOOLS permission. (585432)

If a path in ofbiz-component.xml is not absolute, try to load the
sub-files relative to the location of the ofbiz-component.xml file. ${ofbiz.home} is no longer necessary. (585518)

small change to better avoid conflicting threads grabbing the same sequences to SequenceUtil (586079)*

Adding Export Inventory Item report in CSV format in Facility manager. (586139)

Friday, October 12, 2007

OFBIZ r 584155

form widget target form fixes (582338)
increased time out for createPhysicalInventoryAndVariance (582430)
Improved the widget code for the party detail screen (582468)
Survey screen fixes (582474)*
implemented feature to allow setting default values for survey questions; response can be generated by setting values (via a map) in the wrapper before rendering (582539)
implemented GEO and ENUMERATION types for Survey Questions; now ANY Geo Group or Enumeration Type can be listed as survey option lists (582539)
implemented code to support pre-account email verification (verify email before account is created) (582705)
To allow to deal with problems in some DOS file, specifically file extracted from zip archives in RecordIterator of DataFile (582723)
Record of Datafile deal with last column empty in CSV files and render an empty string when null (582730)
removed restriction that only internal organization can be owner parties of facilities (582967, 583050)
Added new data model elements and seed data for modeling vendor-specific store settings and order with ship group per vendor (583076)
Added ability to specify an event/action pairs on an hyperlink field and added escape code for input text fields in Form widget (583091)
Converted product promo ftl to widgets. (583193)

Implemented service that computes the actual/real production run routing task's costs. (583200)*
Make the append item to order service more useful to purchase orders. (583221)
Added support for default-value attribute to the set operation in form widget actions. (583366)
replaced the logic inside the isEmail method with a call to org.apache.commons.validator.EmailValidator.isValid(...) (583373)
In the 'convertUom' service the 'convertedValue' output parameter is now optional: if no converion is available, then null is returned, not an error (and a rollback etc...). (583384)*
Added new VendorProduct entity, like recent ones for multi-vendor stores (583396)
fix a potential bug where an unrelated contactMechId might be assigned to Shipment.destinationTelecomNumberId if there are no phone numbers for a facility (583636)
Added a couple of fields to ProductStore to configure removing of incompatible and replacement products when items are added to cart (583675)
Changed showcart to show only inventory of the store's facility rather than all facilities (583911)
Before creating purchase invoices from purchase shipments, make sure that the items received were for an internal organization (583931)
InvoiceItem -> child invoiceItem relationship (584155)*

Friday, October 05, 2007

OFBIZ r 582142

another change to XML output for test cases, now logs each ofbiz test suite in its own file (580550)*
selectall.js confirmation bug fix (580767)
POS underline problem (580789)*
Added fromDate and thruDate fields to the ProductPromoCode entity; if the dates are set they are used to specify the validity range of the promotion code. (581961)
Some improvements to how sequencing is done, including a new method in the GenericDelegator that does a sequence and create all in one, including a single retry with bank refresh on failure because of duplicate ID just in case two sequencers somehow get the same ID bank (582142)
replaced whizzywig editor (580774, 580794, 587095)