Friday, September 28, 2007

ofbiz r 580388

Deleting RunTimeData in job scheduler (578274)
Add currency of order to order header and payment pref view. This helps us tell what currency maxAmount is in. (578295)
Re-Factor WorkEffort permissions to follow new patterns (578473)
Ship to address is cleared if the ship to customer party is changed. (578818)
Fix bug in request-redirect when attributes contains error messages of type MessageString (578886)
New feature - assign parties to products (578930, 579376)
LoginServices NPE check (579088)
Added events to handle more than one shopping cart in session. (579148)
Fix wrong permission for recreateOrderAdjustment (579241)*
First step in the process of refactoring the permission checks on order's creation/update. (579242, 579248)
Added result-to-result feature for seca rules (579424)
fix startup issues in SQL Server and other databases, including the latest version of Derby (579551)
Upgraded derby to, requires r 579551 (579552)
New WorkEffortContactMechView for select work effort contact mechs by type. (579569)
New entity EmailAddressVerification for hashes for email address verification (579736, 579751)
Better handling of global variables to set the url for the application logo: now ONE global variable is set in GlobalDecorator and this will affect all the applications (579920, 579921)
Fixed long standing typo corner case on CVV2MATCH response on approved response for payflow pro (579923)*
issuance of materials for productions: added ability to specify a secondary location (579947)
Fixed issue with this when in a high volume environment for creating InventoryItemDetail, now uses the more multi-thread safe EE sequence stuff, common when lots of orders or other inventory operations on a single item are happening simultaneously (580096)*
Fix to prevent NPE if a BOM substitute node is not available. (580282)*
Cleaned up how sync is done for cache in renderTemplateFromString, (579571)
Replaced SALESREP_ORDER with ORDERMGR_ROLE_* permissions (579253)
Implemented new specialized lookup screen to search for CUSTOMER associated to the logged in user where the user is a SALES_REP. (580388)

Friday, September 21, 2007

ofbiz r 578181

Screens/services for edit update of SkillType data. (575953)
Adding map processor for handling data coming from WorkEffortAssoc from, helps in better error handling. (575983)
RequestHandler cross-redirect now removed from url (576328)
Removed the boolean keepLocalReaders and any references to it since the false setting is no longer supported from GenericDelegator (576331)
Removed all OrderReadHelper deprecated double methods and renamed the old Bd methods to their stead (576004-576032)
Added WORKEFFORT_ROLE_DELETE permission and updated descriptions for _ROLE_ permissions. (576420, 576421)
More Asset Maint permissions work, plus some screen widget code cleanup. (576581, 576583)
New screen to lookup customer by name (first/last name or partyGroup). (576594)
GenericEntity Changed to use BigDecimal.valueOf instead of constructor, for something closer to the expected results (576660)
GenericXaResource enlist transaction resource (576661)
Catalina container now logs verbose on LifecycleException (576678)
implemented junit xml formatted output to test cases; new options -results=filename default file outputs to runtime/logs/test-junit.xml (576686)
Fix problem where if autoCreateKeywords is left blank, keywords are not reindexed when updating the product. (576726)*
Added test of global-commit and global-rollback, also commented out the failing tests so that these will all succeed, as solutions are found for these other tests they should be added back in, those are the lock wait timeout tests (576730)
Fixed bug where DataResourceWorker was not getting rootDir correctly (576751)
Added FreeMarkerWorker.getSiteParameters to render method. This data, particularly "rootDir", is used loading FTL content templates. (576757)
FreemarkerWorker.renderTemplateFromString(...) still checks to see if a cached template exists, but if it doesn't and since it has the template string, it builds the template from the "templateString" and puts it in cache. (576766)
Changed all occurances of new BigDecimal("0") to BigDecimal.ZERO and likewise for BigDecimal.ONE (576773)
New gl journal entry screens (576020)
Fixed issue with balanceInventoryItems where some orderIds added to this list were for non-backordered items (576793)
Changed to use FlexibleLocation so that for url resource loaders in component config files you can use the component:// style url for resources in components (576796)
Added global-commit-post-run event that gets a context after the service and eca rules run (576815)
changed so the purgeOldJobs service can only run one at a time to prevent locking on the job sandbox table; (577097)
added field to workeffortnote,similar to ordernote, so user can make a note Public or Private. (577115)
Added ability to display subcontent data in SimpleContentViewHandler (577116)
Refactored ServiceSemaphores to use a loop instead of recursion for the retries so the stack doesn't get so huge (577139)
changed where semaphores are released (in finally block to make sure it is run even in the case of an exception) implemented per-service configurable settings for wait/sleep (sleep in milliseconds; wait in seconds) semaphore-wait-seconds="300" (default) is 5 minutes. The max time a service will wait before failing to run. (577141)
eBay import service: added support for sales taxes and address2 field. (577215)*
Misc cleanups and refactoring for the issueProductionRunComponent* services; added ability to specify the location from where the materials are issued. (577408)
adding order from date and thru date in report form AND fields to show price value of the Open Order items Report. (577449)
added checks to prevent NPE when results are not sent for AVS and CVV2 in Verisign (577496)*
Fix bad entity name in PosTransaction (577589)
Added ui to specify the location from where the each material required by the running task will be isued. (577724)
Fix for partially picked items excluded from picking lists under certain special circumstances. (577734)
Clean up edit product content (577814) and category (577800) screens
Chagned type for very-long in MySQL from TEXT to LONGTEXT to be more similar to what we expect in other databases; TEST has a max size of 64KB, LONGTEXT has a max size of 4GB (577960)*
added two report to get value of stock Inventory (577898)

Friday, September 14, 2007

ofbiz r 575780

invoice formatting changed (PDF) as well as now added link to order(s) from the invoive items (573674)
Added sequence-bank-size to the tag to configure sequence bank sizes on a per-entity basis (573785)
Configured larger sequence-bank-sizes for ServerHitBin, Visitor, JobSandbox (573786)
Redid transaction management for job poller (573800)
refined service lock failure test cases (573813, 573956, 573973)
Added UtilMisc.staticWait method for doing a wait in a static method and without making the whole thing synchronized (573814)
ModelFieldType uppercase sql type in StringLength() method (573967, 574026)
CRUD services for WorkEffortSkillStandard entity. (574028)
Add a convinence service to create Timesheet for multiple parties. (574045)
New project manager application in specialpurpose/
avoid a division by zero exception in ORH (574124)*
Implemented ability to change the shipToParty in the cart (574259, 574538)
changed permission checks to look also at the _ROLE permissions when updating orders (574317)
Allow for different levels of precision for sales invoice and purchase invoice amounts (574397)
correct unencoded ampersand in screenrender (574442)*
added mode to service validation error message (574451)*
Updated javolution to 5.2.3 (574482, 574497, 574503)
Added service to test case that is currently not working where a service with a transaction with rollback only set can't call a service in its own transaction (574493)
add a new class to be able to add additional shoppinglists to an existing shoppingcart (574601)
WorkEffortServices.getWorkEffortEventsByPeriod(...) now accepts List of search criteria (574662)
Fix ServiceEventHandler small file uploading bug (574698)*
changed create promo code service to accept the ID from the form (574699)
added code to support importing promo codes and email addresses from a plain text file (one line for each code or email) (574700)
added code to disable ServiceHit and Visit tracking for defined requests (use new track-stats and track-visit attributes on the request URI); also supports disabling tracking per webapp (use init param track-stats and track-visit) (574709, 574715)
turned off visit and hit tracking for xmlrpc calls (574710, 574716, 575065)
Converted Fixed Asset service permission checking to use the new permission service method. Also fixed up the service descriptions. (574734)
avoid creating multiple CommEventRoles (574737)*
Companies --> Accounts now navigates to set of screens for managing GL activities. (574743)
Find journal entry screens (574777)
Re-Org of admin screens/menus (574816, 574830)
Changed a couple of log messages to be info instead of always (574837)
Completed the conversion of billing account payment screen to widgets. (574935)
Implemented service to create a payment and fully apply it in one step.
Added ability to the billing account payment screen to quickly create and associated a payment to the billing account. (574962, 574964, 574988)
Display quantity received on return items screen (575032)
Added ability to manage the information in the WorkEffortContactMech entity. (575258, 575321)
Fix date/time display in party manager view profile page. (575336)
Fixed a couple of issues with the tx tests, for deadlock the problem was with the test, also changed to hide error with the rollback only set and attempt to commit so doesn't show up as error or failure in test case (575366)
Small change so that if not specified needsInventoryReceive will default to null (575379)

implemented ServiceSemaphore; built in locking to prevent services (when defined) from running at the same time; uses database record to work with a cluser of application servers. Three modes are available: None - Does no locking; Wait - Waits for the previous service to complete (currently up to 5 minutes); Fail - Fails when the same service is already running. use the semaphore="none|wait|fail" in the service definition (none is the default when the attribute is not defined) (575074)

Added DBCP connection pool (575181)
refactored entity engine factory and transaction factories to allow full configuration of managed connections through entityengine.xml. You can now configure DBCP or Minerva (575396)
Small errors in HTML generation in receiveInventory.ftl (575402)
Increased timeouts for balanceInventoryItems and receiveInventoryProduct (575407)*
Fix a bug where MRP was using daysToShip to create requirements for parts. Also provide some information about MRP requirements: show productId and start date (575413, 575601*)
Email logging improvements (575491)*
Converted embedded Facility permissions checking to service-based permissions checking. Also added check for ADMIN permission, which wasn't being done. (575499)
Removed a couple of ORH methods which have been deprecated for over 2 years (575558)
Enhancements to Permission check service on Workeffort. Now if The user is in WORKEFFORTMGR_ROLE permission and is in role cal_owner role with workeffort OR if user is member of PARTY_GROUP that is in cal_owner role with workeffort then user gets permission to update workeffort. (575594)
Modified TaxAuthorityServices to use configured instead of hardcoded rounding (575418)
Updated workeffort contact mech services to use new permission service. (575632)

Updated log4j to 1.2.15 (575675)

Improved readability of the list of contact mechs associated to a work effort. (575761, 575765)
fixes the refund financial account code; added missing partyIds needed by returns to process (575780)

Friday, September 07, 2007

ofbiz r 573673

Fixed issue with parameters on sendMailFromScreen (571656)
Service dispatcher will now process null context as an empty map (572275)
Changed entity-xml-assert to entity-xml with an action element to specify either assert or load; note that parsing code still supports old entity-xml-ass (572276, 572278)
Added some test cases for deadlock and lock wait timeout errors to be used when developing auto retry feature in service engine (572280)
Fix NPE in EntityDataAssert (572413)
Set ledger rounding to be 1 digit more than any other financial rounding setting to avoid rounding problems (572526)
UtilMisc.toSet methods (572841)*
Better handling of errors in ControlServlet esp with ServerHit saving (572931)
JSON event handler file upload fix (573023)
Changed seca for createTrackingCodeOrderReturns to run as system to avoid permission problems and also correctly record who ran the service (573041)
Asset maintenance ui cleanups
Fix permission problems (573137)
Refactor of service def attribute default-value (573140)
dispatcher was ignore the results of pre-auth and pre-in-validate eca responses (573300)
fixed payment method drop down to check permission before displaying full CC details (573353)
Add reason codes to fin account transactions (573405)
Fixed bugs in recently refactored FreeMarkerWorker: a Reader was always being created even if the template was cached, also the reader was never closed which means files stayed open until the garbage collector cleaned up these objects which on busy production systems could lead to many thousands of open files (573442)
Implementation to support restricting changed passwords to not allow the use of a previous password (573458)
create new UI for product store finAccount settings (573636)
support for new fin account replenishment modes: top-up, replenish-level (573638, 573640,
changed toSring() method to NOT display encyrpted fields for security; add new toStringInsecure() to get the insecure string value (573650)
order manager mass hold/process/cancel (573665) and reject (573673)