Friday, April 29, 2005

SVN r4930

49 new commits this week. SVN r4930 builds and installs successfully. Important changes are:
  1. New gift certificate implementation
  2. Fixes for Payment Gateway services
  3. Continuing HTML/CSS cleanup
  4. Seed data ready for GL implementation
  • HTML/CSS cleanups across all applications (r4895), for moving to XHTML 1.0 standard.
  • New French localization UI labels added (r4905)
  • Payment method event fixes (r4916, r4917, r4918)
  • errorMessageList and eventMessageList fix in envsetup.bsh across all applications (r4924)
Entity and Seed Data
  • GlAccountHistory no longer has an isClosed field (r4892)
  • FinAccount entity has a finAccountCode (r4899) for gift certificates
  • GIFTCERT_ACCOUNT type added to FinAccountType entity (r4899)
  • Quote entity now has a currencyUomId (r4902)
  • Exception handling when loading value of unknown type (r4922)
  • new PartyAcctgPreference entity for defining accounting preferences (tax form used, COGS method) (r4928)
  • new seed data for US tax forms, COGS methods (r4928)
Base and Framework
  • BshUtil and TransactionUtil error handling improvement (r4885)
  • catalog xml files are added for entity, minilang, service, widget (r4886)
  • TransactionUtil no longer throwing an exception on rollback (r4906)
  • Service event handler will now pass multi-select boxes to service as a List (r4909, r4910)
  • RMI client added to build (r4911)
Accounting Component
  • FinAccount entity is now used to track gift certificates with the addition of a finAccountNumber field. New services in accounting/servicedef/services_finaccount.xml (r4899)
  • Payment gateway function fixed so that orders can be created for PartyGroups (ie, companies) without payment processing problems (r4919)
  • include files for dates and countries removed from accounting and shared with common (r4920)
  • layout settings bug fix (r4923)
Accounting GL Project Implementation
  • Service for trial balances finished
  • Seed data for demo organization, including accounting preferences, GL account settings, created
  • Service for creating company accounting settings done
eCommerce Component
  • External shipping calc (USPS) problems will no longer cause shipping options page to fail (r4907)
  • New address on split checkout fix (r4914)
Manufacturing Component
  • Production run name is used to track origin of production runs (r4896)
  • Field name bug fixed in a requirement form (r4927)
Order Component
  • Bug fix when trying to do prev/next on product which is not in category (r4884)
  • Bug fix for fixed asset product type of FAPT_USE (r4889)
  • Purchase orders no longer show up in order stats page (r4893)
  • Quote to order process enhanced: currencyUomId added to Quote entity, quoted items are put into cart with quoted price and not mixed with non-quoted items of the same product (r4902)
  • Scale weight bug fixed (r4904)
  • Link to Configure instead of Add to Cart for configurable products (r4913)
  • "Order tasks" tab no longer in the order manager (r4925)
Party Component
  • Party manager services.xml now split into services.xml and services_view.xml. These service definitions were moved: getPartyContactMechValueMaps, getPerson, getPartyFromEmail, getPartyFromuserLogin, getPartyFromName, getPartyFromGroupName, getPartiesByRelationship (r4891)
  • New services for traversing parent/child organizations: getParentOrganizations, getRelatedParties, getChildRoleTypes (r4892)

Product Component
  • Fixed bug in ProductStoreWorker.getSurveys method (SVN r4882, r4883)
  • Edit product features page cleanup in catalog manager (r4890)
  • A new price rule and type for wholesale pricing (r4900)
  • New service for adding product to multiple categories (r4912)
  • Virtual products no longer show up in inventory report (r4926)
Travel System
  • Layout updates to front end (r4887)
  • More restricted access to back end login id (r4897, r4898)
  • Backend bug fix (r4908)

Weekly Build Test

Each week, I'm doing a build of the SVN release mentioned in my blog. The build consists of:

$ ant run-install

from the downloaded ofbiz/ directory. If there are any problems, I'll mention it in my blog.

My build environment is:
  • Red Hat Linux 9.0
  • Java 1.4.2_01-b06
  • ant version 1.6.1
As of SVN r4969 (May 6, 2005), the results of the build with all the installed seed data can be downloaded for you to test the latest version of OFBiz.

Friday, April 22, 2005

SVN r4881

41 new commits this week. Significant changes are:
  1. Got started on the EntityEngineTestSuite class. (You still have a chance to get involved!)
  2. Fixed possible transaction rollback problems and auto-commit problems (see below.)
  3. Upgraded embedded Tomcat to 5.5.9
  4. Removed uiLabelMap from a whole bunch of apps' FTL. This works because they have been upgraded to screen-widget from JPublish.
  5. Products now have isDigital and isPhysical fields, and these determine the behavior of orders, rather than Product.productTypeId field from before.
Changes by component:

Entity model and seed data
  • Very minor seed data changes to the ecommerce component (r4877)
Base and Framework
  • updated Shark debugging (r4841)
  • new way to sort application bar using tree map (r4841)
  • images/webapp/images/js has been removed (r4846)
  • webcommon/includes/header.ftl changed from "HTML 4.01" to "XHTML 1.0" (r4859)
  • duplicate common-el removed in catalina/lib (r4864)
  • updated embedded web server to Tomcat 5.5.9 (r4866)
These changes all apply to the entity-engine:
  • more logging for minerva JDBC pools (r4865)
  • new NOT_LIKE operator in EntityOperator (r4842)
  • preparations for entity engine test suite: new EntityTestSuite class (r4842), run-tests method in build.xml (r4843), examples in EntityTestSuite class (r4844)
  • SequenceUtil class (for getting next ID sequence numbers) no longer sets auto-commit to false. (r4867)
  • ModelKeyMap now implements Serializable (r4868)
  • better rollback for transactions left open after web requests, async service invocations, and suspended transactions (r4869)
  • requestAttributes.uiLabelMap assignments removed--no longer needed with screen-widget (r4849)
  • clean up of files, in preparation for work on accounting component (r4858)
  • small fix to createInvoiceRole
  • style sheet, formatting, and CSS cleanups (r4862, r4870, r4873)
  • configurable product detail fix (r4876, r4877)
  • requestAttributes.uiLabelMap assignments removed--no longer needed with screen-widget (r4848)
  • id code for "linenarComponentFormula" changed to "BOMF_LINEAR_FORMULA" (r4857)
Order Manager
  • Fixed order info page in order manager (r4845)
  • Fixed requestAttributes.locale problem in showcart.ftl (r4847)
  • requestAttributes.uiLabelMap assignments removed--no longer needed with screen-widget (r4849)
  • Shopping cart items which came from a Quote now link back to the Quote when the cart is viewed (r4875)
  • Product now has an isPhysical and an isDigital field. Significant changes to Order-related classes and services as a result. Will no longer use the productTypeId field but the isPhysical or isDigital to process the product. (r4878)
  • requestAttributes.uiLabelMap assignments removed--no longer needed with screen-widget (r4850)
  • updates to the front end (r4861, r4871, r4872, r4874)

Friday, April 15, 2005

SVN r4839

Fifty new commits to the SVN this week. I'm going to try to organize them by application:

First, a little catch up. Preceding this week's efforts:
  • David and Andy have made a lot of improvements to the pick/pack and picklist management features in the facility manager.
  • Andy had implemented a feature to scan incoming emails, search their contents, and route them to the correct recipient, which is a very useful feature for Customer Service in a CRM application.
Entity model and seed data changes
  • r4827 - PartyFixedAssetAssignment - roleTypeId
  • r4833 - Quote - statusId, StatusItem - new seed data
  • r4836 - OrderItem -> QuoteItem relationship
Base and Framework Changes
  • New UtilTimer.makeTimer factory method (r4822)
  • Entity cache changes - bug fix? (r4816)
  • A fix for Orion 2.0.5 stream/writer setting (r4801)
  • Better exception handling in EntityComparisonOperator (r4799)
  • TransactionUtil fix for transaction timeout problems (r4797)

Catalog Manager
  • The Catalog Manager has been "modernized"--the conversion to screen-widgets is completed. (SVN r4806, r4814, r4819, r4821, r4826)
  • There is no longer FOP in catalog manager controller (r4824)
  • HtmlFormWrapper allow passing in context as MapStack (r4812, r4813)
  • The eCommerce application has been migrated to CSS-formatting (SVN r4791, r4818, r4820).
  • The first address is selected if no address is associated with cart (SVN r4828)
  • Request return page uiLabelMap fix (SVN r4825)
Facility Manager
  • Product internal name added to stock list report (r4792)
Order Manager
  • There is better sharing of duplicate files between eCommerce and Order Manager (SVN r4832)
  • The Order Manager now has a quote-to-order feature. According to Jacopo, this is how it works: In the left side bar of order entry, there is supposed to be a new link to the new "Find Quotes" page. You can search for and find quotes (only "Approved" quotes will show up in search results.) Once selected, all quote items can be added to the cart. Once the order is created, the Quote's status is changed to "Ordered." Finally, in the order details page, there is a link from each order item to the quote. (SVN r4823, r4833, r4835, r4836)
  • Couple of minor bug fixes to the specialized wholesale application. Still experimental at this stage. (SVN r4837, r4839.)
  • Find return page bug fix (SVN r4838).
  • OrderServices fixed tax-recalc service (r4809)
  • Avoid adding duplicate requirements to cart (r4795)
  • Order manager fixed problem of no quick add categories associated with catalog (r4794)
  • Manufacturing forms includes (SVN r4815, r4817)
  • Manufacturing select BOM formula dropdown (r4808)
  • Fixed label problems in various widget forms (r4803, r4804, r4805)
  • NPE fixes in manufacturing (r4796)
Work Effort
  • Work effort links to look up products (r4790)
Miscellaneous Changes
  • Internationalization (r4800)

Thursday, April 14, 2005

About this Blog

This blog is an unofficial newsletter on the development of the Open For Business project.

Every week, I will create a blog entry summarizing the development activities during the previous week. It will show the most current Subversion (SVN) revision number, the number of commits into the SVN repository since the previous blog, and a high-level summary of those new commits. It discuss generally what new features have been created, what bugs have been fixed, how the existing code base has been altered, etc. etc.

This blog is intended to help members of the Open for Business community stay current on the development of the project. It will only discuss changes to the Open for Business SVN repository code base and will not cover any independent development outside of the official repository. It is also not meant as a place for bug reports, patches, or requests for support. Please use the official Open for Business mailing lists and issue tracker for those.

I will try to work on this blog towards the end of every Friday. If there is something you would like me to include this blog, please send an email to the mailing list.

And now, a word for our friends from the legal community:
1. The opinions expressed here are solely those of the authors and respective commentators and not those of the Open for Business project nor any other members or developers of the project.
2. This blog is maintained for informational purposes only. It is not to be construed as any form of documentation or support for the Open for Business project or any application derived therefrom. Although a reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented here, the accuracy of such said information cannot be guaranteed. The information presented in this blog is presented "as is," and the authors and commentators specifically disclaim warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement. In no event shall the authors or commentators be liable for any claim, damages, or other liability, whether in an action of contract, tort, or otherwise, arisinig from, out of, or in connection with the use of the information provided in this blog.