Friday, October 28, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r6030

28 new commits this week. SVN 6030 builds and installs successfully.

Significant changes this week
  1. New services and screens to bill work effort time entries to an invoice.
  2. Manufacturing times can now be estimated by a formula, which can be customized to the user's needs.
  3. New screens for manually authorizing and capturing payments and viewing gateway responses.
Thanks to our contributors
This week's contributors include Eric Onselaer, Ray Barlow, Michael Pfurtscheller, Yannick Thebault, Leon Torres, Jacopo, David, and myself.

  • New status changes for invoices and payments: INVOICE_READY -> INVOICE_IN_PROCESS (for correction), Payment NOT_PAID -> SENT, RECEIVED, CANCELLED, Payment SENT or RECEIVED -> CONFIRMED. (r 6006)
  • InvoiceWorker.getInvoiceTotal now uses BigDecimal (r 6006)
  • Factored out a new service, authOrderPaymentPreference, from authPayments, to allow manual authorization of a single order's payments. (r 6013, 6014)
  • New TaxAuthorityAssoc and TaxAuthorityType entities for modeling sales tax authorities. (r 6018)
  • New TaxAuthorityAssoc for "Exemption Inheritance" and "Collection Agent" (r 6018)
  • New screens in the accounting application to authorize and capture order payments manually and view gateway responses. (r 6025)
Base and Framework
  • New fail message in the simple-map-processor's convert operation. (r 6009)
  • LoginWorker now sets logged out status using userLoginId to look up the database. (r 6011)
  • TransactionUtil commits first before clearing out stamps and the stack, instead of the other way around. (r 6015)
Entity Model
  • EftAccount.accountNumber unencrypted. (r 6006)
  • New TaxAuthorityAssoc and TaxAuthorityType entities for modeling sales tax authorities. (r 6018)
  • New sequenceNum field for CustRequestItem (r 6021)
  • TaxAuthority.requireTaxIdForOrder is now .requireTaxIdForExemption. ProductStore has new fields showPricesWithVatTax and vatTaxAuthGeoId and vatTaxAuthPartyId for VAT Taxes. (r 6022)
Seed Data
  • First implementation of manufacturing time task estimation formula, with services and new seed data. (r 6004)
  • New status changes for invoices and payments: INVOICE_READY -> INVOICE_IN_PROCESS (for correction), Payment NOT_PAID -> SENT, RECEIVED, CANCELLED, Payment SENT or RECEIVED -> CONFIRMED. (r 6006)
  • New TaxAuthorityAssoc for "Exemption Inheritance" and "Collection Agent" (r 6018)
  • New TaxAuthorityRateTypes of "Export Tax" and "Import Tax" (r 6027)
  • Removed caching of work order item fulfillment, requirements, and order-to-order associations. (r 6010)
  • First implementation of manufacturing time task estimation formula, with services and new seed data. (r 6004)
  • BOM formula now uses the new manufacturing custom method (ProductAssoc.estimateCalcMethod) instead of ProductAssoc.formula (r 6005)
  • Fixed bad partyIdTo label for edit contact list communication event form. (r 6003)
  • Internationalization of the marketing application (r 6008)
  • New Data Source screens in marketing. (r 6008)
  • Clean up of request item pages in order manager (r 6014)
  • Added new quote screen page to show the real profit of a given quote: for every quote item, the average cost (valid when thew quote was issued), price and the margin (expressed as an amount and a perc) are shown. (r 6017)
  • Modified the product lookup link in the "edit quote item" form to call the ProductAndPrice lookup instead of the Product lookup screen. (r 6020)
  • Request items in order manager are now ordered by sequenceNum (r 6021)
  • Request forms now automatically generate the next sequenceNum. (r 6023)
  • New screen and services to duplicate a CustRequestItem. (r 6024)
  • Order view screen in the order manager now has links to authorize or capture payments in the "Payments" section. (r 6026)
  • Order manager's Requirement details screen now has a new tab for "Orders," which shows the orders that led to the requirement. (r 6028)
  • New feature to search products by price in catalog manager (r 6019)
Web Tools
  • XML Import, Import Dir, and Dump XML are now changed to FTL/BSH/screen-widget from the old JSP pages. (r 6007)
  • New "All" link for view entities in the entity maintenance page. (r 6012)
  • EntityImport.bsh script cleaned up. (r 6015)
Work Effort
  • New screens for assigning rate and doing time entry. (r 6029)
  • New services and UI to add work effort time entries to a new or existing invoice. (r 6030)

Friday, October 21, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r6002

42 new commits this week. SVN r 6002 builds and installs successfully.

Significant changes this week
  1. New time sheet functionality, including generating an invoice from a time sheet, in the work effort application.
  2. New function in manufacturing to estimate time of tasks based on plug-in formulae.
  3. Separate seed data file for passwords to prevent passwords from being reset when loading in new data.
Thanks to our contributors
This week's contributors include Hans Bakker, Peter Goron, Yannick Thebault, Jacopo, David, Andy, and myself.

Entity Model Changes
  • TimeEntry entity has invoiceId and invoiceItemSeqId to link back to an Invoice (r 5970)
  • TimeEntryBilling has been eliminated as an entity (r 5970)
  • WorkEffortPartyAssignView's relationship to Expectation Enumeration is now one-nofk (r 5979)
  • New entities CustomMethod and CustomMethodType for supporting flexible custom plug-in services (r 5995)
  • WorkEffort has new "estimateCalcMethod" field to specify how work effort time estimates should be calculated (r 6000)
Seed Data Changes
  • New RoleType of "LEAD" (r 5972)
  • WorkEffortData.xml file of seed data was moved from manufacturing to work effort (r 5975)
  • New BIZADMIN permission and bizadmin user for administering business applications but not technical ones (r 5989)
  • New PasswordSecurityData.xml where all the passwords are. By removing this file from ofbiz-component.xml, you can prevent the system from loading passwords with other seed data (r 5989)
Base and Framework
  • Fixed JaserReports build warnings (r 5966)
  • Fixed problem with "use-when" in list forms (r 5990)
  • Clean up of entity sync forms (r 5991)
  • Better support of BigDecimal in GenericEntity, SQLProcessor, SqlJdbcUtil (r 5993)
  • Fixed possible NPE in transactions util when RollbackOnlyCause might be null (r 5994)
  • "view" request is now secured with https (r 5980)
  • Small fix in the subscription update service (r 6002)
  • Split up manufacturing service definition files into separate ones for bom, calendar, formula, mrp, production runs, and routing (r 5997)
  • New getProductRouting service to get a products' routing (r 5998)
  • Initial implementation of task time estimates based on formulae (r 5999, 6001)
  • Clean up, internationalization, and conversion of marketing application to screen-widget (r 5968)
  • Changed some comments to reflect earlier change (r 5930) of order list (r 5964)
  • Exploding auto-exploded marketing packages now can save the price rules used in OrderItemPriceInfo (r 5974)
  • Order manager will show ATP and QOH from all facilities while the order is being entered. This should probably be customized to reflect an organization's inventory management preferences (r 5976)
  • List of requirements now is ordered by a new status field (r 5981, 5982, 5983)
  • Tab button to list quote work efforts is now subject to permission checking (r 5986)
  • Added Party Rate screen to the profile page in Party Manager (r 5977)
  • Location of the party manager is parameterized in web.xml (r 5985)
  • Clean up of party look up form (r 5987)
  • Fixed problem with screen to edit party classification (r 5992)
  • Fixed catalog manager bug where updating or deleting a category rollup re-directs you to the child category instead of the parent category (r 5963, 5965)
  • Shipment pages now go to WorkEffortSummary instead of a non-existent "event" (r 5969)
  • Page for looking up shipments can now look up both purchase and sales shipments (r 5984)
Work Effort
  • Removed unneeded comment (r 5967)
  • Implementation of screens and services for time sheets (r 5970)
  • Bug fixes in the work effort web application (r 5973)
  • Ability to create or update invoices based on time sheets (r 5978)
  • Fixed bug in updateWorkEffort service (r 5996)

Friday, October 14, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r5962

38 new commits this week. SVN 5962 builds and installs successfully. (There are some JasperReports warnings, but these should not affect the main functionality of the system.)

Significant changes this week
  1. Enhancements to the WorkEffort application are mostly complete.
  2. ant 1.6.5 is now incorporated into OFBiz.
  3. The order type "WORK_ORDER" has been removed to avoid confusion.
Thanks to our contributors
This week's contributors include Ray Barlow, Geraud, Jacopo, David, Andy, and myself.

Entity Model Changes
  • Added new field type "currency-precise" which is three decimal places. OrderAdjustment.amount and ProductPrice.price are now of this type. (r 5929)

Seed Data Changes

  • Removed WORK_ORDER order type (r 5946)

Base and Framework
  • Better error message if there is no model entity when trying to do a findByAnd (r 5931)
  • New common Geo lookup screens (r 5932)
  • Removed number formatting from GenericEntity (r 5940)
  • Screen widget now supports a "TRANSACTION_TIMEOUT" parameter to set the transaction timeout of a screen. It can be set in the http request or in web.xml (r 5941)
  • ant 1.6.5 is now included in OFBiz, with scripts "ant" and "ant.bat" which will launch ant through OFBiz (r 5952)
General Changes (Applicable to Multiple Applications)
  • Replaced " " in forms with plain space in many forms (r 5936)
Accounting/GL Implementation
  • New accounting admin screens.
  • Clean up of references to "templatePath", which no longer exists (r 5926)
  • New link to create quote directly from a cart or shopping list (r 5927)
  • Order checkout page now highlights the fact that phone number is required (r 5949)
  • Fixed broken sequence for checking out without a login. A missing "addparty" request now goes directly to final checkout review (r 5950)
  • Major cleanup of the "Segment Group" tab in the marketing application (r 5934)
  • Quote services' permissions have been refactored to allow them to be used in ecommerce as well (r 5927)
  • Order list now defaults to showing orders in the created, processing, and approved states first (r 5930)
  • When editinig order items, the prices are now formatted and parsed according to locale (r 5937, 5938)
  • More imporvements to the request/quote functionality (r 5943)
  • Order reports can now be done by order type (purchase vs. sales) (r 5944)
  • Removed support for the WORK_ORDER order type (r 5946)
  • Fixed broken "Find Returns" javascript, which did not work in Internet Explorer (r 5951)
  • Fixed missing "Add Promo Code" link in order entry process (r 5954)
  • Fixed problem with some PDF pages when there is an "&" in the text by adding an ?xml (r 5955)
  • New forms to lookup party classification group, contact list, and segment group (r 5933)
  • Fixed problem with receiving inventory against a productId (r 5928)
  • General clean up of catalog manager screens (r 5935)
  • In facility manager, edit facility location screen now no longer crashes if the internalName is missing (r 5945)
  • In catalog manager, looking up products by ID no longer crashes if the internalName is missing (r 5953)
Work Effort
  • Small cleanups of work effort forms (r 5925)
  • Enhancements to the WorkEffort Party, CommEvent, Requirement, Shopping List sub screens (r 5939)
  • Enhancements to the WorkEffort Request and Quote pages (r 5947)
  • Fixed missing UI labels. (r 5948)
  • More informative work effort summary screen (r 5957, 5958)
  • Fixed bad ContextFilter class name in wholesale webapp, so Tomcat now recognizes the wholesale app (r 5956)

Friday, October 07, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r5924

57 new commits this week. SVN 5924 builds and installs successfully. (There is a minor warning about a field "templatePath" which is no longer in ProductStoreEmailSettings, but that has been subsequently fixed.)

Significant changes this week
  1. Customer Requests' "requester" partyId is now moved from CustRequestRole to CustRequest.fromPartyId, and the view and list screens have been changed.
  2. Inventory items now have a unitPrice which is from the purchase order's unitPrice.
  3. Fixed all email notification templates to use the new screen-widget.
  4. New "pack orders" screen in facility manager and packing slip PDF.
  5. Lots of cleanups: migration to new simple-method "set" operation from field-to-field, and a comprehensive change of FTL files to remove a redundant "/" after <@ofbizUrl> tag.
Thanks to our contributors
This week's contributors include Ashish Hareet, Al Byers, Jacopo, David, Andy, and myself.

Entity Model Changes
  • PartyTaxAuthInfo entity XML moved from party to accounting (r 5872)
  • PartyTaxAuthInfo now has a new isNexus field to determine which tax authorities to consider based on ProductStore.payToPartyId (r 5872)
  • SimpleSalesTaxLookup has a "titleTransferEnumId" to indicate the title transfer to be used (r 5872)
  • CustRequestAndRoles has a fromPartyId from CustRequest to record whom the request came from. It is no longer stored in CustRequestRole (r 5888)
  • New CustRequest.productStoreId to support cart to request to quote process (r 5889)
  • ODBC packages now have shipmentId as primary key again (r 5921)

Seed Data Changes

  • Points of Title Transfer, including INCOTERM, added (r 5872)

Base and Framework
  • Fixed missing close span tag for date range find field in form widget (r 5878)
  • If form's field info is missing, the form widget will now throw an exception (r 5882)
  • Most single-forms with a default-map will now automatically fill in default values from the parameters Map if the default-map is null, no value is found in the root of the form's context, and useRequestParameter attribute is not false (r 5908)
  • Fixed problems where default-value for field types were ignored (r 5909)
  • Fixed fiedlookup popup javascript when the calling form has multiple lookup fields (r 5914)
  • Fixed incorrect error message for form-widget fields when the max length could not be parsed (r 5915)
  • Enabled scrollbars and resizable for field lookup when the popu javascript is too big (r 5918)
General Changes (Applicable to Multiple Applications)
  • Removed all redundant "/" after the <@ofbizUrl> directive (yes, this changed a lot of files) (r 5877)
  • simple-method clean up from field-to-field to set (r 5896, r 5897, 5899, 5900, 5901, 5902, 5903)
  • Fixed all email notification templates to screen-widget with i18n (r 5906)
  • Removed unnecessary default-value="equals" in tags (r 5911, 5912, 5913)
  • Added "noConditionFind" hidden fields to forms so that a find all is done when no query parameters are entered (r 5917)
  • Moved redundant UI labels from accounting to common (r 5881)
  • Minor improvement to the "tell-a-friend" email (r 5907)
  • PDF now pops up in new windows (r 5871)
  • Added tag around calculating return price delta, which is used to determine whether return price is within rounding error of allowable return price (r 5884)
  • Fixes bug where view quote info was checking for the wrong null value (currency instead of store) (r 5885)
  • New "select all" checkbox to pre-select all quote items in multi form (r 5886)
  • createCustRequest and updateCustRequest services no longer reference the "interfaceCustRequest" (r5887)
  • Implemented new "createQuoteFromCustRequest" service to create new quote from an existing request (r 5890)
  • Updated CustRequestServices, so that CustRequest.fromPartyId is used to store the requestor's partyId (instead of in CustRequestRole) and productStoreId is updated with the cart or shopping list's store information (r 5892)
  • Find and list customer requests now uses the CustRequest.fromPartyId instead of CustRequestAndRole (r 5893)
  • New "view request" and "list request" report and screens (r 5894, r 5895)
  • Logic for finding latest UserLogin and Locale moved to PartyWorker.findPartyLatestUserLogin (r 5905)
  • ECA to call "balanceInventoryItems" when "createPhysicalInventoryAndVariance" is called (r 5868)
  • Fixed bug when looping though the picklist view where it was adding the same field to the orderBy list each time (r 5869)
  • Fixed errors when viewing picklists which no longer had inventory reservations - ie, previous picklists (r 5870)
  • Fixed missing primary keys of ODBC (WorldShip) entities (r 5873)
  • Unit cost tracking in inventory screens of catalog and facility manager. A unit cost for the product is stored in inventoryItem.unitCost and is calculated from the purchase order's order item unitPrice field (r 5904)
  • Pack order screens in facility manager now shows more shipping information (r 5916)
  • Packing slip PDF in the facility manager, when packing order (r 5919)
  • Fixed bug with filling out staging data (r 5922)
  • Fixed bad error message when completing a shipment packing (r 5923)
  • Adding checking of virtual product Id for null value when looking up survey applications for a product (r 5924)
Work Effort
  • workeffort webapp now completely modernized from old JPublish and even JSP to new screen widget templates (r 5874, 5875, 5876)
  • replaced old task and activity pages to use the new edit work effort pages (r 5874)
  • fixed issues with highlighting and login menus (r 5879)
  • small enhancement to edit work effort form (r 5880)
  • form and lookup improvements (r 5883)
  • calendar improvements (r 5910)
  • work effort order header screen clean ups (r 5920)