Friday, September 29, 2006

OFBiz Development SVN r451399

Over 80 commits this week. SVN r 451399 builds successfully and installs successfully except for a small problem with some new i18n product category demo data. Key changes this week:
  1. Updated Apache-related files for upcoming release of OFBIZ 4.0
  2. Significant improvements to the email client, including bug fixes and spam checking
  3. Many changes to MRP process and requirements
  4. New select all button for all multi-forms

  • change xml header and resize field for better display of the invoice forms (r 449356)
  • Dutch translations update (r 449360)
  • Implemented a sample of affiliate commission calculation based on PartyRelationship from CUSTOMER to AFFILIATE of relationship type SALES_AFFILIATE. Note that the amounts are hardcoded in the service. (r 449224, 449628)
  • Completion of accounting translations. (r 450202)
  • fixed bug where UtilAccounting.getNetBalance was not recursively looking up the GL account tree to figure out if an account is debit or credit (r 450254)
Base and Framework
  • Render a selectAll checkbox for forms of type multi. To activate it, define a field named _rowSubmit of type and give it a title. (r 449813)
  • NOTICE and LICENSE files for apache (r 450378, 450733, 450760, 450842)
  • Added favicon.ico to front end and back end (r 450428, 450573, 450576)
  • Added form widget style to use with default-table-style. Use this if you're getting squished columns and want the form table to span the whole container. Also outlines the table in a border. (r 450583)
  • Added a new method htmlSpecialChars into the StringUtil class (r 451145)
  • Removed compression code from Sun that has a problematic license
  • Default MSSQL JDBC settings in entityengine.xml corrected (r 451294)
  • A couple small cleanups to TransactionUtil, showing a current location of warnings as the messages advertise (r 451382)
  • Corrects CreateCharacterSet service path (from org/ofbiz/content/content/ContentServices.xml to the real location org/ofbiz/content/data/DataServices.xml). (r 449261)
  • fixed index out of bound error when receiving email signed with pgp (r 449357)
  • added spam checking from an external spam checker when importing email, with sample configuration for spam-assassin (r 449959, 449961)
  • Changed the sendCommEventAsEmail service to send to each distinct email addresses on a contact list only once (r 450109)
  • Replace field-to-field with set in ContentServices.xml (r 450669)
  • Make the storeIcomingEmail service more resistant agianst variations in the email header. Corrected several problems and do not accept the email when the 'from' email address is missing. (r 450699)
  • More fixes to email services (r 451194)
Entity Model
  • Added an existingCustomer field to Person entity (r 450868)
  • Cleanup and fixes for the MRP requirement generation algorithm (r 449644, 449963)
  • Fix a buggy way of calculating production run quantities. (r 449648)
  • Conversion of all the manufacturing reports from JasperReports to Screen Fop; plus some misc bug fixes. (r 451270)
  • Fixed contact list forms: Pagination fixed for ContactList and ContactListCommEvent. Find form added for ContactLists, which is now the first thing the user sees when clicking [Contact Lists]. Removed some duplicate controller entries. (r 450651)
  • Change the marketing package production runs to create only when there is an inventory shortfall (r 451350, 451353, 451359)
  • Change background color of separation between two halves of orderheader not to be white explicitly (r 449585)
  • Ehanced create return form: Added party lookup and default auto-receive to Y. (r 449871)
  • Internationalization of product categories content, including demo data. (r 449957)
  • Fixed a bug in ensure quantity method of ShoppingCart, in certain circumstances was remove a full quantity of an item instead of reducing it to quantity to keep (r 450076)
  • Added a method to explode a list of cart items, in other words for each item of X quantity, create X items of 1 quantity (r 450107)
  • Fix bug where outstanding product quantities on orderview does not take issuances into account. This required creating a new view entity to sum up ItemIssuances. Also refactored a bunch of code out of orderview.bsh and created a handy method to get a distinct set of productIds in OrderReadHelper. (Useful for doing where productId IN queries.) (r 450171)
  • Added report for open order items to allow one to see what orders have unshipped items. Note that this report needs the new COALESCE of view-entity field values to work properly. (r 450266, 450271, 450578, 451399)
  • Fixed bug in sales by store report pdf when internalName is null. (r 450548)
  • New ability to add a different payment method to existing order. It is automatically authorized. (r 450553, 451076, 451342)
  • Additional support for recurring prices. The functionality for initially showing and tracking recurring prices, not for auto-orders based on these prices (r 450455, 450569)
  • display the request parameter value of partyId after the search result. (r 450027)
  • Comments for getPartyContactMechValueMaps service (r 450668)
Point Of Sales
  • doubled sizes of controls (buttons and such) in Save and Load Sale dialogs to ease use on tactile screens. Some new styles also and miscelaneous text changes (r 451161)
  • Fixed bug in Label Printing where [Mark as Accepted] was marking all as accepted, regardless of what was selected. (r 449099)
  • Implemented a new service that, when atp goes under minimum stock, creates a requirement for the reorder qty. Now there are three different requirement services that look at inventory levels: STOCK_QOH: when qoh goes under minimum stock a requirement is created for the reorder qty STOCK_ATP (new): when atp goes under minimum stock a requirement is created for the reorder qty ATP (was STOCK_ATP): creates a requirement on ATP levels and links it to the order item that caused the reservations (r 449366)
  • Fix i18n problem with receive inventory page (r 449817)
  • Internationalization of product categories content, including demo data. (r 449957)
  • Add ability to look up inventory items by productId in facility manager and link the facility view inventory by product report to it (r 450960)
  • Removed a couple of links on the product inventory page which actually aren't needed: delete doesn't work, and edit duplicates the item id link (r 450986)
Seed Data
  • Added Fed Ex to demo shipping data as a store carrier. No integration yet or planned at this point (r 449087)
  • Add a status change for emails from "Unknown Party" to "Entered" so that emails received by system can be corrected and then made valid again. (r 449944)
  • Internationalization of product categories content, including demo data. (r 449957)
Work Effort
  • Avoid adding duplicates to WorkEffortPartyAssignment entity with assignPartyToWorkEffort (r 449358)
  • added check when a workeffort status is changed against the statusValidChange table (r 450670)
  • new Work Effort Note Forms/Screens (r 451126)
  • Fixed incorrect pagination of workeffort lookup (r 451257)
  • Internationalization of product categories content, including demo data. (r 449957)

Friday, September 22, 2006

OFBiz Development SVN r448978

43 new commits this week. SVN r 448978 installs and builds successfully.

A week of many nice enhancements and bug fixes.

Base and Framework
  • Added request definition to allow the locale switch in the Shark application. (r 446823)
  • Allow extending a form widget from a different file with the same form name using an extend="" to point to the parent form (r 446825)
  • Added Solo & Switch cards (Barclays) and Visa Electron Purchasing validation. (r 446941)
  • Attributes/Roles/Features was not shown on the list into Data Resource tab of Content applicatio (r 446771)
  • fonts.pdf report converted from JPublish to screen widget. (r 446821)
  • Hidden grand total cost info in BOM simulation: it's too confusing. (r 447801, 447802)
  • Fix misc bugs in marketing campaigns screens (r 447973)
  • Links in screenlet headers use now class rather than style (r 446923)
  • Fixed bug during the drop shipment development effort: if the OrderItemShipGroup.supplierPartyId was set to "" (not null) when the supplier for the ship group was not selected, which happens when the order is not drop shipped, a fk violation error happens when the order is created. (r 447424)
  • Sort orders on order list by date instead of orderId, which can be unreliable if there are multiple instances running at the same time (r 447495)
  • Enhanced the send confirmation email link on orderview page to preview generated email and edit it, then send it out (r 447585)
  • Fix annoying bug where bad orderId in Find Order will crash instead of just return not found (r 447604)
  • Small fix that prevented the first address to be always selected by default during ordermgr checkout. (r 447916)
  • Avoid possible NPE during order black list checking if order has no payment methods (r 448428)
  • On orderview, show a No payment preferences for order for orders with no payment information (r 448742)
  • Replaced the lookup button on the Requirement Forms with a drop down box: in fact in this way it is more consistent with the other existing screens. (r 448924)
  • Approved requirements are now sorted by supplier and checked by default. (r 448927, 448936)
  • The default requirement generation method set for the store should be ignored if the product is of a special type (digital good or a marketing package). (r 448953)
  • Toggle order notes from public to private and back in orderview (r 448971)
  • Cleaned up the service for automatic requirement creation based on QOH and minimum on stock. (r 448979)
  • Replaced field-to-field with set operations in the ContactMechServices and PartyContactMechServices minilang files (r 446807, 446810)
  • Links in screenlet headers use now style rather than class (r 446923)
  • Better role type dropdown in screen Party Manager::Relationships::Add Relationship (r 447898)
  • When storing email as communication, set datetimeStarted and datetimeEnded as the current timestamp (r 447949)
  • Changed default product type of facility inventory view report by FINISHED_GOOD. Also added a search by beginning of productId (r 446803)
  • Links in screenlet headers use now style rather than class (r 446923)
  • Receive inventory screen now will display the purchase order item description instead of the internal name of the received product. (r 447043)
  • Fill in DHL labels' shipment reference field by filling it with orderId-shipGroupSeqId (r 447621)
  • Small cleanups of EditCategoryRollup screen to not maintain an index variable, use the ftl one instead (r 447722)
  • Change category products page to use the multi submit instead of per-row submit (r 447723)
  • Added packages box type drop down box to the edit shipment package screen. (r 447798)
  • Auto mkt packages that are purchased from a supplier are also decomposed when they are received in warehouse. (r 447779)
  • XML escape the DHL ShipIT label (r 447934)
  • New InventoryWorker class to figure out quantity of product on outstanding POs. Re-factored product inventory page in catalog manager to use it. Added column to show quantity on order for facility inventory (r 448425)
Seed Data
  • Added seed data from inches to mm conversion (r 446864)
Work Effort
  • Removed invalid service definition: the "createRateType" service doesn't actaully exist (and it's never invoked). (r 446830)
  • Links in screenlet headers use now style rather than class (r 446923)
opentaps Financials
  • Separated permissions for AR, AP, Reports, Transactions, and Configurations in the Financials application.
  • New screens to manage organization's payment methods
  • Clean up and enhancements to reports and screens
opentaps CRM
  • Started work on screens to create bank accounts and other payment methods

Friday, September 15, 2006

OFBiz Development SVN r446078

60 new commits this week. SVN r 446078 builds and installs successfully. Significant changes are:
  1. Support for drop shipments
  2. Many enhancements in picking, packing, and shipping screens of the facility manager
  3. Support for repeat re-authorization of credit cards when failing due to insufficient funds (NSF)
  4. Clean up of accounting invoice code to use services only.
  5. Chinese translations now part of the OFBiz SVN

Important Note
: A release candidate OFBIZ r 4.0.0-RC1 is now available for download. Please download and test it if you have not already down so!

  • Added functionality for picking out and retrying CC auths for NSF (insufficient funds) failures, meant for auto-orders to get better chance of successful charge for subscriptions and such; tries once a week for the number of times specified on the ProductStore (r 441736, 442395)
  • Add view entity to be able to list bank accounts for a party (r 441901)
  • Internationalization (i18n) patches (r 442000)
  • Implemented try other cards on account functionality for auto-orders in the payment gateway (r 442104)
  • Deleting a tax authority link was missing a parameter (r 442147)
  • Chinese translations (r 442465, 442458, 442476)
  • Cleared up code for payment gateway - removed excessive debugging code and fixed a small bug where the URL was always the certifications site. Authorize and Capture now work. (r 443074, 443439)
  • Replaced storeAll/toStore with service calls in createInvoiceForOrder. Created a new service for it to use. Fixes bugs where downstream operations in the logic requires upstream objects to be created first. Test case: User captures a payment for a CC then generates invoice via shipment system. Expected outcome is that payment is applied to invoice and if fulfilled, invoice is marked as paid. (r 443108)
  • More Spanish translation (r 443453)
Base and Framework
  • Internationalization (i18n) patches (r 442000)
  • Chinese translations (r 442465, 442458, 442476)
  • Some fixes for the distributed cache clear services, and the default OpenJMS configuration (r 442704)
  • reorganized comments for javamail-container (r 443033)
  • Fix base location url resolution error - it was off by one character (r 443051)
  • Commented out the MCA listener so it won't complain when not configured (r 446517)
  • outgoing email had the date not set, also now set the xmailer header info (r 442113)
  • Fix wrong syntax (blogRoles.size instead of blogRoles.size()!)) in bsh script (r 442460)
Entity Model
  • Added a description to the ProductPriceRule entity (r 441701)
  • Initial implementation of drop shipments: * added new field "supplierPartyId" to the OrderItemShipGroup entity; if a supplier id is in this field (in a ship group of the sales order) it means that the item in the ship group will be drop shipped by the supplier * added the new field (and accessor methods) to the ShoppingCart * in the shipsetting order entry checkout screen, added ability to set a supplier for ship groups * the info about the new field are now available in the order confirm and order detail screens (r 441750, 441752)
  • Added new field to the SupplierProduct entity (canDropShip) to mark the product as drop shippable from the supplier (r 442141)
  • Chinese translations (r 442465, 442458, 442476)
  • The OrderComplete screen is now skipped and when an order is created the orderview screen is shown. (r 441614, 441748)
  • Initial implementation of drop shipments: * added new field "supplierPartyId" to the OrderItemShipGroup entity; if a supplier id is in this field (in a ship group of the sales order) it means that the item in the ship group will be drop shipped by the supplier * added the new field (and accessor methods) to the ShoppingCart * in the shipsetting order entry checkout screen, added ability to set a supplier for ship groups * the info about the new field are now available in the order confirm and order detail screens (r 441750, 441752)
  • Internationalization (i18n) patches (r 442000)
  • Automatic creation of a purchase order from the 'drop ship' shipment group; the ship to address in the po is the one set in the sales order 'drop ship' shipment group. (r 442140)
  • Implemented support for "always drop-ship" products: if such a product is added to a sales cart, it is automatically assigned into a ship group with the supplier set (if needed, the ship group is also created). (r 442180)
  • Items in drop ship groups are not reserved; the shipment action links are also hidden in the order detail screen. (r 442234)
  • Automatic requirement creation services (triggered by eca) are now executed using the "system" account to avoid auth error when executed by ecommerce users. (r 442471)
  • Implemented association between sales order items and drop shipment purchase order items (thru OrderItemassociation). (r 442536)
  • Added link to create "drop shipment" shipments from a purchase order (when the ship-to-address is not one of the company's facilities). (r 442612)
  • Added party lookup to the find order form. (r 442654)
  • Add showAllFacilities to order items' view product inventory link so the link to catalog manager will show all product inventory (r 442741)
  • PayPal payments can be manually received, ie if the auto-notice somehow doesn't make i (r 443057)
  • Fixed a bug with modifying prices of purchase orders because POs don't have shipment estimates (r 443092)
  • Chinese translations (r 442465, 442458, 442476)
  • Added getPartyFromExactEmail service which requires an exact email address instead of doing wild card %email% matching (r 443465)
Point Of Sales
  • Updated JGoodies look and feel jar file to 2.0.2 (r 442517)
  • Added a description to the ProductPriceRule entity (r 441701)
  • Internationalization (i18n) patches (r 442000)
  • Capitalize addresses on DHL shipping labels (r 442398)
  • Chinese translations (r 442465, 442458, 442476)
  • Chinese translations (r 442465, 442458, 442476)
  • Small ui changes to better support drop shipments. (r 442545)
  • Added link from catalog manager inventory screen to the facility manager receive inventory screen. Also changed the ui label of Inventory Receive to Receive Inventory in English (r 442740)
  • After the order is packed, the list of available invoices will be shown on the packing screen, so that the invoices can be printed right there, instead of going back to the order again (r 442793)
  • Fix bug where after scheduling outgoing shipments, the facilityId is missing (r 443022)
  • Fixed a small bug in getPreviousNextProducts service where if the product is not in the category, it will return an error, instead of just gracefully exiting (r 443071)
  • Link back to shipment route segments of shipments from scheduling screen (r 443520)
  • Print gift messages on the pick/pack reports and packing slips, to help the shipping people remember these things (r 443521)
  • Get shipment phone number for ShipmentRouteSegment from shipment partyIdTo. (r 443454)
  • Default sold thru timestamp on facility inventory report to now. (r 446708)
Seed Data
  • Added new seed data for two new requirements methods (for Product and ProductStore): drop-ship only and drop-ship on low qoh. (r 442141)
  • move all parties/userLogins not required for production from seed to demo data. Only party/Userlogin 'admin' as usable loginId left (r 442409)
Work Effort
  • Chinese translations (r 442465, 442458, 442476)
  • Allow the creation of a workeffort with a predifined workeffortId (r 443244)
  • Internationalization (i18n) patches (r 442000)
  • Chinese translations (r 442465, 442458, 442476)
opentaps Financials
  • UI enhancements to the transactions and inventory screens
  • Fix bug with posting shiipments to general ledger when items have an average cost of exactly 0.0
opentaps CRM
  • AJAX feature - now when you create an opportunity, the accountPartyId is searched by partial account name and filled in via AJAX
  • Google MapIt link for postal addresses

Friday, September 08, 2006

OFBiz Development SVN r441602

43 new commits this week. SVN r 441602 builds and installs successfully. Significant changes:
  1. New order requirements capabilities and quick purchase order creation
  2. Improvements to the picking/packing screens
  3. Additional translations

  • Changed a couple of links to buttontext in the transactions details pages (r 439117)
  • Fix bad link from payment form to edit billing account (r 440067)
Base and Framework
  • Modified ecommain.css for IE compatibility (r 439223)
  • Change of license from BSD to Apache on files in the entity engine. Added the Apache LICENSE file. (r 439557, 439558)
  • Clean up of the convertUom service (r 440452)
  • Fix a bug of overriding service attribute name with attribute type when the "override" tag is specified in services xml (r 440964)
  • New OFBIZ logo and tab style css (r 440995)
  • EmailServices now support text/plain emails for order confirmations, etc. (r 440795)
  • Added pagination to List of contact list party. (r 439096)
  • Added service that allows anonymous email sign up for contact lists. The email is associated with _NA_ party and is distinguished from other anonymous emails by the fromDate of signup. (r 440802)
  • A couple of defaults for contact list forms: default to EMAIL ADDRESS for new contact lists, default to COM_PENDING for status of a new comm event (r 441323)
  • Add external login key for Authorize and Capture buttons for credit cards and made them buttontext (r 439116)
  • Implement some basic features to allow the creation of purchase requests and quotes which can be transformed to purchase orders. (r 439356)
  • Fully localise ShoppingCartItem (r 439953)
  • Order items are now cancelled invoking directly the "cancelOrderItem" service instead of calling the older CheckOutEvents method which has been removed (r 439995)
  • Made shoppingCart is an optional parameter of the "processOrderPayment" service (if not available, it is retrieved from the orderId), so the "processOrderPayment" service can be more easily triggered by eca. In fact it is now triggered by the cancelOrderItem service. (r 440018)
  • Newly created purchasing requirements (i.e. requirements of type "PRODUCT_REQUIREMENT") are now automatically assigned to the main supplier (from the SupplierProduct entity) thru the RequirementRole entity (r 440103)
  • Implemented services and ui to manage the RequirementRole entries. (r 440284)
  • In the purchase order entry requirements' screen, now by default only the requirements that have a role of SUPPLIER for the given party are shown. (r 440330)
  • Fix formatting of (r 440341)
  • Quick purchase order creation from requirements list. (r 440422)
  • CustomerEvents.xml & WorkflowMapProcessor.xml has now been localized
  • Implemented searches by unassigned purchase requirements and added supplier id to requirement info. (r 441441)
  • Misc improvements to the requirements' lists (more information, new links). (r 441450)
  • Completed quick purchase order creation with the quick checkout process (using default values). (r 441498, 441513)
  • Cleaned up bsh for company header PDF and made it work for purchase orders as well. (r 441597)
  • Cleaned order pdf: put purchased from to left of shipping destination. Also will not show payment info unless there are some payment methods (r 441602)
  • Added seed data for supplier preference order for SupplierProduct entries. (r 440092)
  • Added a new status for picklists of PACKED, so when picklists are PICKED but not PACKED, the Manage Picklists screen will show a list of links to pack each order on the picklist (r 440516, 440520, 440526)
  • removed bad link from the packing screen which does not actually exist (r 440538)
  • Set a headerItem for pack order page. Also gave it a link back to the facility (r 440542)
  • Hide the Assign Picker feature on the picklist screen if the picklist has already been picked (r 440544)
  • Fixed bug where accepted shipment route segments would show up on list of shipments to be scheduled (r 441292)
  • Enhanced view facility inventory by product to search by internalName and (ATP - min stock) quantities. (r 441594)
Seed Data
  • Added a new status for picklists of PACKED, so when picklists are PICKED but not PACKED, the Manage Picklists screen will show a list of links to pack each order on the picklist (r 440516, 440520, 440526)
Work Effort
  • CustomerEvents.xml & WorkflowMapProcessor.xml has now been localized
  • CustomerEvents.xml & WorkflowMapProcessor.xml has now been localized