Friday, May 27, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r5045

34 new commits this week. SVN r5045 builds and installs successfully. Now you can download the built and installed version. Significant changes this week:
  1. There are now separate InvoiceItemTypes for purchase (AP) and sales (AR) invoices. When invoices are created, each invoice item will have an invoiceItemTypeId that depends on the type of the invoice.
  2. Requirements have been moved from Work Effort to Order component.
  3. Billing accounts can now be used by agents of customers.
  4. New after-login and before-logout preprocessor events in controller.
Also, the 2005 Open For Business Conference was annnounced this week. Details were on the mailing list. Or, check with Matthew Porter from Contegix.

Entity and Seed Data
  • InvoiceItemMap entity now has an invoiceTypeId in addition to invoiceItemMapKey for primary-key, to map to different invoiceItemTypeId depending on the invoiceTypeId.(OFBIZ-249, r5045)
  • New InvoiceItemTypes added in accounting/data/AccountingTypeData.xml. (OFBIZ-249, r5045)
  • New seed data for using billing account by an agent of a customer. No changes to entity definitions. (r5026)
  • Added email address and phone number for demo customers (r5032)
  • New entity engine unit tests added for finding by condition, finding distinct, using view-entities, referential integrities on add and remove, removing by primary key, removing by condition, etc. Most of the entity engine tests are done now. (OFBIZ-200, r5034, r5035, r5036)
Base and Framework
  • UtilDateTime now has a new .nowDateString(String format) method and a toDateString(Date, both of which let you specify the date format, String) method, and a .toDateString(Date) method which returns it in "MM/dd/yyyy" format. (r5013)
  • ant's clean-data target now deletes the whole data directory (OFBIZ-233, r5021)
  • new after-login and before-logout preprocessor events added for controller (r5024)
  • UtilXml cleaned up and is now reported to be faster (r5024)
  • When invoices are created, InvoiceItems have different invoiceItemTypeIds depending on the type of the invoice (invoiceTypeId.) (OFBIZ-249, r5045)
  • Billing Accounts can be used now by agents of other customers. (r5026)
Accounting and GL Implementation
  • Implemented manual GL transaction entry (screenshot)
  • Implemented screens to view GL account activity (screenshot)
Content Component
  • XHTML 1.10 and CSS check buttons are now included rather than gotten from site (r5037)
eCommerce Component
  • after-login added to the controller to restore saved shopping cart (r5025)
Manufacturing Component
  • Requirements moved out of here and into Order Manager (r5014)
Order Component
  • Requirements moved here (r5015, r5041)
  • Customer Requests also moved here (r5016, r5017, r5018, r5019, r5029)
  • Added internal name and required by date to requirements lists in order entry (r5030)
  • Fixed billing settings during checkout (r5031)
  • Fixed problems with promotions and cart auto-save (r5033)
  • fixes bug with shipping charges and sales taxes in checkout (OFBIZ-59, r5027)
Party Component
  • partyId now shown on the profiles page (r5038)
  • incorrect script paths for createContactMechLink fixed (r5039)
Product Component
  • Bug with adding fixed asset to product fixed (OFBIZ-245, r5011)
  • Bug with applying features from category fixed (OFBIZ-246, r5012)
  • Bug with inventory transfer fixed (OFBIZ-167, r5028)
  • "Content" flag is no longer checked by default when duplicating products. (OFBIZ-25, r5040)
WorkEffort Component
  • Requirements moved out of here (r5020, r5022, r5042, r5043, r5044)

Friday, May 20, 2005

SVN r5010

21 new commits this week. SVN r5010 builds and installs successfully. Significant changes this week:
  1. New quote coefficient feature in order manager, allowing quotes to be based as a multiple of costs.
  2. Ecommerce component being modified to allow changing ProductStore in the middle of a session. Does not appear to be done yet.
Entity and Seed Data
  • New QuoteCoefficient entity added in the order application
Base and Framework
  • The avalon-framework library has been upgraded to version 4.1.5. (If you are updating an existing version, do an "ant clean" and "ant" to re-compile, or you may encounter some problems with this change.) (r4994)
  • The krysalis-barcode library has been replaced with the newer barcode4j-fop (r4994)
  • BarcodeGenerator and BarcodeTransform classes have been updated accordingly (r4997)
  • Formatting of "treewrapper" CSS class fixed to 10pt (r5006)
  • New UiLabel for an error message when user is trying to create GL entries whose debits and credits don't balance. (r5003)
Accounting GL Implementation
  • Finished first version of posting invoices (both AR and AP) to the General Ledger in the AcctgTrans and AcctgTransEntry entities. This posting also supports currency translations.
  • New capability being added to allow changing of ProductStore in the middle of a shopping session. This appears to have not been completed. (r5007)
Order Component
  • Improved quotes features in order manager. Now quotes can have a quote coefficient which allows an easy cost-to-price quote relationship based on the AVERAGE_COST product price. New screens were created to manage quote coefficients as well. (r4991, r4992)
  • Order manager's initial order entry page has been improved (r5000), and purchase vs. sales order boxes are shown only to users with the appropriate permission (r5010)
Party Component
  • Fixed problems with passing in multiple partyIds in Party Manager (r4995)
Product Component
  • Fixed bug of removing keywords with unicode characters from products (r4990)
  • Shipment items in facility manager now show product sub-components (if they exist) (r4998)
  • Fixed highlighting of "Main" and "Thesaurus" header menu items (r4999)
  • Page title for "edit supplier product" added to UiLabels as "PageTitleEditSupplierProduct" (r5004)
  • Bug with removing category from product catalog fixed (r5005)
  • Pagination problem when looking at a list of configurable product items (r5008)
Securityext Component
  • Fixed incorrect error messages for services that create, update, and remove security groups. Previous error messages said you needed "CATALOG_" permissions when in fact it was "SECURITY_" permissions that were needed. (r5009)

Friday, May 13, 2005

SVN r4989

19 new commits this week. SVN r4989 builds and installs successfully. Significant changes this week:
  • Support for CSV file format imports in webtools (r 4987)
  • Tomcat web server has been changed from ISO-8859-1 character encoding to UTF-8 (r 4979)
Base and Framework
  • Minor changes to error and debugging messages (r4973, r4974)
  • Character encoding for controller changed from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8 for Tomcat (r 4979)
  • UtilDateTime class's months, days, timevals, and df (decimal format) fields are now public rather than protected. (r 4983)
  • Datafile now supports CSV imports, UTF-8 files, and endian binary files and C-style null terminated strings. (r 4987)
  • jython.jar has been replaced with jython-nooro.jar where oro classes were removed. (r 4989)
Entity and Seed Data
  • ProductCategory now has a "categoryName" field. Not sure what it's for yet. (r 4988)
  • Fixes for field names, etc. on fixed asset forms (r 4975)
  • SurveyWrapper now works even when static and other OFBiz tags are not available (r 4985)
  • Fixed production run service bug for configurable products where the number of components was not computed correctly (r 49780)
  • Enhanced useability by disabling quantity box for virtual products and disallowing adding of virtual items to order (r4972)
  • Improved parsing of USPS addresses (PO Box and RR addresses.) This is a great change, as the old parsing expression also caused non-USPS to be flagged. (r 4976)
  • Bug fix for create new login page (r4977)
  • Put missing app header back into JSPs (r 4978)
  • Bug fixes in catalog manager for update product store catalog and remove product from category (r 4970, r4971)
  • Edit category products page now uses EntityListIterator, allowing for a large number of products to be edited at once without running out of memory (r 4981)
  • getProductCategoryAndLimitedMembers also now uses EntityListIterator if cache is not being used (r 4982)

Friday, May 06, 2005

SVN r4969

SVN r4969

The best part of this blog is that it's always on a Friday afternoon, and the weekend is near.

There were 39 new commits this week. SVN r4969 builds and installs successfully. Important changes this week:
  • A lot of work was done on the Shark integration by Andy, which is continuing
  • The work effort component is being upgraded to the new screen-widget
  • The entities and first unit tests for the entity engine test suite are in place.

A Look Ahead

Here are some things in the works for OFBiz that I know of:
  • We are headed towards a new release, version 3.5 of OFBiz. Please take a look at the issues on JIRA and help out as much as you can. There are things everyone can do to help.
  • David is working on an integration of the OFBiz Entity Engine with LDAP. This may happen after the new release comes out.
  • Andy will be working on Shark workflow engine integration, the pick/pack/shipping features, financial accounts (gift certificates and bank accounts), and Payflow Pro.
  • Jacopo will be working on completing the Request-Quote-Order process, reports for manufacturing, and improving some of the order entry processes.
  • I have been helping out with the entity engine testing and doing the accounting and G/L implementation.
This is of course not exhaustive, as we have so many community members and contributors now. If you are working on something for OFBiz and didn't get mentioned, please feel free to make a comment or drop a note on the list.

General Changes
  • Rollback messages in a lot of scripts and JSPs have been improved (r4932). The TrasnactionUtil.rollback(boolean) method which was removed last week was added back, but as deprecated, to avoid any possible problems. (r4933)
  • Fixed problem with paginations by using viewIndex and viewSize. Affects Agreement, Facility, Request, and manufacturing Calendar, JobShop, MRP, Requirement, and Routing screens. (r4941, r4942)
  • Many screens are now http independent (r4945, r4946)

Entity and Seed Data
  • PartyAcctgPreference now has a baseCurrencyUomId, for the base currency of an accounting organization. (r4947)
  • FacilityGroup, ProductStoreGroup now point to PartyRole instead of Party and RoleType separately with their foreign-keys. (r4949)

Base and Framework
  • The deprecated TransactionUtil.rollback(boolean) is added back to avoid possible errors. (r4933)
  • ServiceEventHandler now supports list of parameters when using multi-part content (r4935)
  • CASCADE is no longer there fore DROP PRIMARY KEY clause but still left in for CONSTRAINT clauses in entity engine. (r4938)
  • GenericEntity.setString now considers the word "null" to be the equivalent of null for numbers, dates, etc. but NOT for Strings (r4939)

Accounting Component
  • Fixed some foreign key problems with the new PartyAcctgPreference entity. (r4934, r4948)
Accounting GL Implementation Project



  • Fixed bug of product width used in place of height on cutting list report (r4936)
  • Fixed bug with using workEffortName for production runs (r4940)
  • Fixed problem with paginations by using viewIndex and viewSize (r4941)

Order Manager

  • Fixed a bug with Find All in "Entity Maintenance" page (r4931)
  • Updated Shark libs and fixed some integration issues. Not completed. (r4944)