Friday, January 25, 2008

ofbiz r 615322

XUI update to x3.2rc2b (615262, 615295)
Methods in need to be synchronized (probably to do for all the events) (615284, 615296)
Some Party GL account stuff
store/load possibility for AGGREGATED product configurations (613216)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

ofbiz r 612876

Fixed problem with simple method call-service operation (610440)
Improvement to error message to better describe what is happening when thread popol value isn't found (610472)
Thai translation of ecommerce store (610700)
Implement formatting for configurable items in POS receipts (610801)
discontinue selling variants when run out of stock when the product indicator is set and when there are no variants connected discontinue the virtual product too (611121)
fixed asset depreciation calculations implemented in minilang (611416)
Modified some of the form rendering method to output to a Writer instead of a StringBuffer: this will allow form widgets to be used to process large lists (not paginated) (612492)

Friday, January 04, 2008

ofbiz r 608931

Include special search constraint to correctly find products with prices defined in the appropriate store group. Using this constraint will allow you to restrict products to those that have prices defined for the store group, rather that getting any product. (606361)
Fix POS bug where after adding a promo code, taxes weren't being recalculated (606364)
Run GiftCertificateServices.createTransaction as system user to allow creation of a financial account transaction (606625)
Fix bug with Calling a lookup from a lookup fails (606681)
Include promotions in sales tax calculations (606777)
Send mail through gmail with the javamail api in ofbiz (606789, 606794)
When survey products are added to the cart then displaying survey price in the cart and adding it to the cart total. (606792)
Improved error handling in the FOP view handler. (607100)
UI for PartyInvitation services (607341)
Improved Webtools job management screen. (607446, 607454)
Improved Webtools logging screens. (607565)
The ResourceBundle cache is now managed by the custom ResourceBundle class - which reduces memory used and also allows for better properties file cache clearing. Clearing the "properties.UtilPropertiesBundleCache" cache works as expected now.(607574)
New CSS and UI styles
New methods for UtilDateTime - get period end Timestamps. (607776)
Allow requests to provide guidance on visit tracking (608574)