Friday, August 31, 2007

ofbiz r 571570

Forum fixes for content and ecommerce
Fix ModelService defaultValue to use converted object instead of String (569692)*
Implemented date service condition for ECA (569693)
Added little method like the addToDoubleInMap to do addToListInMap in UtilMisc (569749)*
Added an update method for OrderShipment, used when splitting ShipmentItems (569750)
Added a service to split a ShipmentItem for a given quantity; also splits OrderShipment record(s) (569751)
ECA condition message improvement (569763)*
Added few fields to WorkEffortAssocView. This makes possible to display and edit contents of workEffortTo entity from a list of children workEfforts. (569803, 569804)
Make fromDate optional in createFixedAssetRegistration service (569861)
Changed balanceInventoryItems service return a Set of order IDs that have left the backordered status based on this operation (569962)
Added new FinAccountStatus entity and removed some old fields isFrozen and inGoodStanding (570039, 570045, 570050, 570051, 570276)
Added code to set the FNACT_NEGPENDREPL statusId when the actual balance goes under 0 (570068)
Added set element for Entity ECA rules, and a simple service to be run as an EECA for watching entire entities or single fields on entities(570282)
Changed so that when set and action elements are interleaved for SECAs they run in the order specified instead of all set ops and then all actions ops (570283)
Enhancements to the watchEntity service which watches entity via EECA (570297, 570313)
added permission checking for price and adjustment changes (570578)
updated promo code form to allow manually setting the code, instead of forcing an auto-generated code (570599)
Cleaned up exception and error handling in getNextSeqId code, was redundant and the tx code in getNextSeqIdLong that getNextSeqId always calls wasn't handling commits right (570706)
Broke up the show cart screen some more into smaller ftl's (570846)
Fix rounding issues in general ledger posting routines because they did not have configurable BigDecimal rounding properties. (570894)
Implemented new service to get the list of active events where the logged in user is assigned in a specified role. (571103)
Added code to accept sales order if the user login is a sales rep of the customer in storeOrder. (571225)
simple implementation of textfield readonly attribute (for html forms) in form widget (571237)
Fix so it can refund and release correctly using void transactions. (571249)
Fixed bug where an order with one item partially backordered and maySplit set to Y was not available for picking. (571257)*
better error checking in JavaMailContainer (571262)
updated mailing services to track messageId in mail messages (in and out), updated mail polling to never create duplicate messages, and better store communication events (571229)
now supports sending (reply) messages back to user's without a contact mech ID on file (using the previous email from header), also sets the messageId on all outgoing messages so they can be linked back on replies (571300)
added messageId field to communication event (571301)
AUTO_EMAIL_COMM now has same SECAs as EMAIL (571302)
Rounding fixes to PaymentGatewayServices and ProductPromoWorker (571361)
Added missing input parameter to the importOrderFromEbay service (571426)*
Replaced 'estimated unit runtime' column with 'estimated total runtime' in production runs (571448)*
Add reason enum for credit to fin acct (569683)
Fix bug where dependent production runs were being created for parts which had ProductFacility thresholds but of 0. Now if it is a WIP or has any ProductFacility records, it is warehouse managed. (571525)

Friday, August 24, 2007

OFBIZ r 569467

make the fixed asset calendar also usable for one2one rental product (567065)
Implemented util methods to get the total shippable quantitiy from all the ship groups of an order. (567087)
Made Product.internalName field longer (567263)
fix wrong billfromvendor for po created from quotes (567368)
Edit facility roles screen migrated from ftl/bsh to widgets. (567371)
Removed default action of sending the user an email every time updatePerson (567372)
Added service to get the cart-based index of the first cart item for a particular productId (567507, 567508)
Fixed transaction bug in FinAccount processing that caused a deadlock (567521)
Changed getProductPromoUseTotalDiscount to consider all promos (567522)
Added method to get total for all promotions in cart (567525)
fixing the updating of the FinAccount balances after a replenishment (567568)
Compute and return shipping estimate even if there is not shippingContactMechId. (568175)
Changed ShipmentReceipt processing code to properly update ReturnItem status and receivedQuantity values (568213)
added reason code to communication event (568379, 568743)
Added reason code to fin account transactions and services (568746, 568747)
When receiving serialized items, quantity accepted is always 1 if a serial number is passed in (568816)
now copies subscription resource data to the subscription entity when created (569120)
save the replacementOrderId on ReturnItemResponse, and attach to relevant ReturnItems (569386)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

OFBIZ r 566834

Allow reservations also on quotes (566181)
Set UTF-8 encoding for emails (566428)
Added returnId and returnItemSeqId to InventoryItemDetail for tracking inventory changes based on returns (566456)
Added ProductWorker method for getting refurb or original productIds, useful for doing inventory queries by serial number and productId when it may change after refurbishment but keep the same serial number
Rental of fixed asset changes (566696, 566700, 566702, 566709)
recalcOrderTax will now use billing address if there is no shipping address and just not re-calc tax if there are no addresses (566719)
GIS support via WFS (566781)

Improve FreemarkerWorker flexibility (564914)
Improve timezone support (564957)
HtmlTreeRender bug fix (564961)
HtmlWidget error message (564974)
Fix font path in ApacheFopFactory (565010)
Workeffort calendar supports user-selected time zones. (565073)
QuoteWorkEffort bug fix (565083)
service to create test sales orders with random products (565129)
A reusable ftl file, in the accounts module, that contains the standard credit card fields. (565363)
Fix checkOrderIsOnBackOrder to use query (565647)
Service to get various shopping cart data like total, shpping, tax, etc. (565651, 565935)
Fixed issue with setting status to accepted and setting the paymentMethodId in the same call in order return services (565652)
Now adding Refurbished item to replacement order only if its in stock. (565704)
Added view entity for ItemIssuanceAndInventoryItem (565721)
Fix some bad links in paymentinformation.ftl for ecommerce (565839)
Now updateReturnHeader checks if the status change is valid. (565985, 565987, 565988)
Fixes unresolved issue of how to select a facilityId for default purchase order shopping cart. (566369)
Add an additionalShippingChargeDesc field to the Shipment entity to accompany the additionalShippingCharge field. If this field is populated, it will be used for the order adjustment and invoice item descriptions instead of the default description. (566834)

ebay improvements (564966, 566047, 566099)

Friday, August 10, 2007

OFBIZ r 564733

Fixed bug where ProductStore.headerApprovedStatus wasn't working because the check item status service was always setting it to approved (562843)

Google export fixes (562856, 562879, 564490)

ebay fixes (562914, 562917, 563059, 564503, )

Added ability to set a work effort id at the beginning of the order entry (backend); it will generate a record in the OrderHeaderWorkEffort entity. (563525, 563544

Added ProductCategoryRollupAndChild view entity for querying on the child categories of another category (563776)

Better error logging in manufacturing and fix for a complex date related issue happening when a production run for a product with WIP (Work In Process) components was issued: from a requirement: the start date of the requirement could be wrong (563823)
Misc fixes for ProductStoreFinActSetting (564162)
A little better handling of the rare case where the userLoginId is missing or bad; avoid an NPE and give a better error message (564344)
Adding a service to check if orderItem is on BackOrder. (564359)
Changed personal info update notification to show a warning and not call the send mail from screen service if there is no to address (564459)
create a shiment plan ONLY for phyiscal products (564520)
Added method to ORH see if an order has physical product items (564521)
FreeMarkerWorker caching bug fix (564530)

Added fop config file (with unchanged default value to the webapp/config folder.
Also changed the ApacheFopFactory to load froom webapp/config instead of widget/config. (564545)

Added simple way to set a user defined/custom font family for XSL-FO templates (thru FO inheritance). (564554, 564555)

Implemented a new feature to do a check on data files with no changes to the database instead of loading the data; this includes some refactoring of other classes that do this and a few improvements as well based on some testing (564565)

Implemented a standard XSL-FO template to display error messages returned while rendering XSL-FO reports. (564615)

Fix bugt where balanceInventoryItems wasn't doing it in the same facility (564711)

Friday, August 03, 2007

OFBIZ r 562517

When creating product requirements as the result of receiving inventory, only create a requirement if the total of existing requirements for that product/facility is insufficient to cover the needed quantity (559934, 561090)
eBay enhancements (560136, 561751, 561942, 562018)
Google Base enhancements (561963)
Changed to not warn about transaction timeout if not timeout is passed to this object (560155)
Fixed Tomcat JSP pages problems (560485)
Some improvements to handling cases where rendering the error messages fails, and the alternate fails, etc to ControlServlet (560486)
Billing account terms are now copied as order terms when the order is created (560517)
Enhanced pagination of forms (560524)
Various Order and ShoppingCart methods changed to BigDecimal. (560628, 560640, 560642, 560644, 560649)
Improved the tracking code orders and visits result screens to show the pagination links. (560914)
New TextScreenRender widget (560945, 560947)
Append whitespaces for text form render (561234)
Small html improvements to html form render (560938)
Created a new ScreenRenderException to reduce the amount of error messages logged (561025)
Fixed bug in finAccountReplenish service which was passing wrong object type to finAccountDeposit service (561457)
Created SECURITYADMIN security group (561569, 561925)
Fix a problem where processSubscription and extend subscription by order services were returning error for orders which did not have the End User Customer role created. (561883)
Implemented services to quickly create inventory transfers from requirements. (561875)
Added support for multiple submit fields in multi forms. (561872)
USPS address validation enhancements: city+state or zip is required, and returns failure instead of error (561866, 562517)
Fixed issue when there is no forward slash in the prefix or in the value in the ofbizContentUrl transform (561701, 561759)
automatically create and link a fixed asset when a 'asset_usage' type product is created. (561708)