Friday, July 29, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r5417

49 new commits this week. SVN 5417 builds and installs successfully

Significant changes this week
  1. All ant build scripts have been changed to force the use of Java version 1.4 (r 5372, 5374, 5379)
  2. Integration with shipping carrier DHL (r 5380)
  3. New screens for marketing segment roles, segment group, party classifications
  4. PDF for returns
  5. Ability to add from and add to shopping lists from order manager
  6. Create requirements from available to promise inventory threshholds, in addition to quantity-on-hand threshholds and as items are sold
Thanks to our contributors
This week's contributors include Peter Goron, Yannick Thebault, Jacques Le Roux, Jacopo, David, Andy, and myself.

Entity and Seed Data Changes
  • New seed data for the shipping carrier DHL (r 5380)
  • New segment group party relationship view entity (r 5404)
  • New CreditCardTypeGlAccount entity to associate different credit card types (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, JCB) to different GL receivables accounts (r 5407)
  • New product requirement type, PRODRQM_STOCK_ATP, for Available To Promise inventory based requirements (r 5411)
Base and Framework
  • EntityJoinOperator will throw an exception if one of the conditions is invalid (r 5370)
  • SqlJdbcUtil has improved error message for invalid view-link key-map field names (r 5392)
  • Internationalization (r 5381)
  • Fixed problem for creating invoices with zero for shipping, tax, etc. (r 5386)
Accounting/GL Implementation
  • New feature to use credit card type specific gl accounts for posting payments
  • Clean up EmailServices javadocs (r 5376)
  • FreemarkerWorker fixed localization issues (r 5382)
  • Model form fields format with user's locale (r 5383)
  • Formatting and cleanup of email templates (r 5387)
  • prepInventoryEventPlannedFromRequirement service removed (r 5412)
  • New screens for managing marketing segment roles (r 5385)
  • Segment group and party classification administration screens (r 5405)
  • During checkout, no longer try to get authorization when order total is zero (r 5375)
  • New PDF for returns (r 5377, 5393, 5397)
  • Fixed problem where tax rates were displayed incorrectly on order items due to number of decimal places problem (r 5378)
  • Fixed parsing of desired delivery date strings for order items (r 5384)
  • Purchase orders can now be shipped to the address of a different party, rather than just an internal facility address, in order manager (r 5394)
  • Bad BR tag removed from the order pdf file (r 5395)
  • Order status better formatted for display (r 5396)
  • Order manager can now add items from a shopping list to an order (r 5398)
  • When updating quantities of a shopping list item to zero, the shopping list item will be removed (r 5399)
  • Company logo on order PDF now separated out (r 5402)
  • Order manager cart contents can now be added to a shopping list (r 5406)
  • Shopping Cart now resets item sequence numbers between orders (r 5408)
  • Requirements can now be created based upon Available To Promise quantities of products (r 5409)
  • Product Store's settings are now checked before creating orders with digital items (r 5410)
  • Only approved requirements which are either MRP-Purchase Order or Product Requirements can now be added to purchase orders in order manager (r 5413, 5416)
  • Cart items are now unique if from different requirements, making it possible to link sales order-purchase order items (r 5414)
  • New shipping integration with DHL/Airborne (r 5380)
  • Fixed bug with duplicate productId in duplicate product form (r 5389)
  • Price service now returns the promo price in the results (r 5400, 5401)
  • Added missing LookupVariantProduct screen (r 5417)
  • build file changed to reference a shark-libs directory (r 5369)

Monday, July 25, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r5368

32 new commits this week. SVN 5368 builds and installs successfully.

Significant changes this week
  1. Significant amount of i18n and i10n across many applications.
  2. New .storeByCondition method for delegator
  3. New support for "runAsUser" for ECAs and MCAs.
Thanks to our contributors
This week's contributors include Ashish Hareet, Jacques Le Roux, Ray Barlow, Jacopo, David, Andy, and myself.

Base and Framework
  • Support for character-set and collate properties of databases (r 5337)
  • Fixed problem for MySQL drop foreign key (r5340)
  • i10n patches (r 5342, 5344, 5345)
  • Implemented delegator .storeByCondition (r 5353, 5356)
  • Job scheduler now works better with multiple instances running (r 5354)
  • More work on example applications (r 5357, 5361, 5368)
  • New entity engine test for transaction and rollback (r 5359)
  • ECA/MCA services now can have a "runAsUser" property (r 5360, 5365)
  • Postgresql pre-7.2 field type configuration file removed. framework/entity/fieldtype/fieldtypepostgresq.xml is now for post-7.2 postgresql. (r 5362, 5363)
  • Fixed out of date service definitions (r 5338)
  • Fixed find payment and find invoices page locale error (r 5348, 5355)
Accounting/GL Implementation
  • New UI enhancements and bug fixes.
  • View survey response page no longer requires a surveyId - will figure it out from the surveyResponseId (r 5343)
  • Order PDF changed from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8 character set to support European characters (r 5346)
  • Fixed bug in find communications page (r 5358)
Point of Sales
  • i18n and i10n patches (r 5347)
  • POSCLERK security group now has accounting permissions to create transactions in new Accounting/GL component (r 5349)
  • Pop up dialog re-sizing fixed (r5350)
  • POS config files now named XuiLabels_ (r 5352)
  • Catalog manager product look up now uses "internalName" instead of "productName" (r 5339)
Web Tools
  • Create and remove foreign key indices and foreign keys are now done separately (r 5341)

Friday, July 15, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r5336

63 new commits this week. SVN 5336 builds and installs successfully. However, there is a non-fatal bug with sending email notifications which can cause OFBiz to generate a lot of error messages. You may want to apply this patch for the time being.

Significant changes this week
  1. New segments screens in marketing
  2. New pages for viewing relations, wsdl, ecas, and executing direct SQL statements in web tools.
  3. New examples component with sample entities and services
  4. Lots of enhancements in catalog manager and order manager (see below)
Thanks to our contributors
This week's contributors include Jean-Luc Malet, Jacques Le Roux, Joe Eckard, Peter Goron, Ray Barlow, Ian Gilbert, Ashish Hareet, Jacopo, David, Andy, and myself.

Entity and Seed Data Changes
  • Italian Geo data (r 5286)
  • ProductStore has a new requireCustomerRole field (r 5301)
  • New currencyUomId for ReturnHeader to track currency of a return (r 5313)
  • New "INVENTORY_RETURN" accounting transaction type for transactions related to inventory received from return and new "SALES_RETURN" gl account for tracking amount of returns (separately from sales) (r 5317)
  • Sample SKUs for POS in demo data (r 5321)
  • OrderHeaderNote has an internalNote field to identify if the note should (not) be shown to customer (r 5327)
  • New inventory variance reason "Integration" (r 5329)
  • StatusItem.statusTypeId field now is an "id-ne" to ensure uniqueness (r 5334)
Base and Framework
  • New example entities and services for working with them (r 5276, 5279, 5330)
  • Simple methods now have methodName and methodShortDescription in their context, for logging purposes (r 5277)
  • Generic find services used on form widgets now has a case insensitive option (r 5280)
  • moved from applications/content to framework/widget (r5281)
  • Updated Truition code (r 5294, 5296)
  • Apache Axis updated to 1.2.1 final (r 5297)
  • Fixed potential NPE in LoginEvents when trying to set cookies and userLogin is null (r 5302)
  • EntityListIterator unit tests in entity engine (r 5318)

  • Internationalization (r 5291)
  • createPaymentFromPreference has been re-factored into a service to use the createPayment service rather than directly creating entities with delegator. (r 5298, 5336)
  • Fixed chart of account browsing problems (r 5299)
  • Improved look of field lookup (r 5307)
  • Payment gateway fix for getting email for notification (r 5320)
  • New UI label for configurations (r 5326)

Accounting/GL Implementation
  • Completed GL posting for returns
  • Completed GL posting for payments
  • Fixed problem when there is more than one directory for uploads (r 5283)
  • UI Label fixes (r 5303)
  • French label UI corrrections (r 5282)
  • Fixed problem if productStoreId is in previousParams string (5292)
  • Fixed error messages on new customer page (r 5295)
  • Implement new requireCustomerRole field for ProductStore (r 5301, 5304)
  • During checkout, only payment method types that have been set in ProductStorePaymentSetting for the store are shown. (r 5306)
  • New currencyUomId field for returns (r 5315)
  • New security tags by default in controller (r 5316)
  • Encoding of production run reports changed to UTF-8 from ISO-8859-1 (r 5323)
  • New screens for marketing segments (r 5300, r 5314, 5331, 5332, 5333)
  • Pagination through list of requests has been fixed (r 5275)
  • Support for new currency field for returns (r 5313)
  • Service to update return status based on item receipt now uses updateReturnHeader service instead of directly storing values with the delegator (r 5319)
  • Fixed problem of quote items being inverted when added to cart (r 5325)
  • New internalNote field for order notes, to identify which notes should and should not be shown to customers. Non-internal notes are printed on PDFs. (r 5327)
  • Products with add-on cart surveys can now be added to cart from order manager (r 5328)
  • Small fixes to updatePartyClassification and deletePartyClassification (r 5278)
  • Fixed bug with edit contact mech, edit communication, and view profile from bad party Id passed in (r 5308, 5309)
  • Catalog manager internationalization to French (r 5284)
  • UI labels fix (r 5305) and enhancement (r 5324)
  • Clean up of ProductConfigWorker (r 5310)
  • Added primaryProductCategoryId to the product lookup screens (r 5311)
  • Internationalization to French (r 5312)
  • New getInventoryAvailableByItem service (r 5329)
  • Catalog manager now shows outstanding purchase orders when viewing product inventory (r 5335)
Web Tools
  • Better exception handling in xml data import (r 5285)
  • New screen to run SQL queries on database directly from webtools (r 5287)
  • New page to view related entities for an entity and traverse through relationships (r 5288)
  • Services detail page now includes viewing of ECAs (r 5289)
  • Improvements to view data file page (r 5290, 5293)
  • Added code to show WSDL of a service when browsing available services (r 5322)

Friday, July 08, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r5274

29 new commits this week. SVN r5274 builds and installs successfully.

Significant changes this week
  1. New entities (see below) for classifying parties and geographic areas into segments for marketing.
  2. Refactoring of accounting invoice code and changes to initial invoice states to INVOICE_READY (for sales invoices) and INVOICE_IN_PROCESS (for purchase invoices.)
  3. calculateProductPrice now has a productStoreId parameter (optional)
Thanks to our contributors
This week's contributors include Matt Kasubaski, Manuel Meyer, Jacopo, David, Andy, and myself.

Entity and Seed Data Changes
  • New VarianceReasonGlAccount entity for mapping different inventory variance reasons to GL accounts (r 5260)
  • New GROUP_MEMBER GeoAssocType (r 5269)
  • New SegmentGroup, SegmentGroupClassification, SegmentGroupRole, SegmentGroupType, SegmentGroupGeo entities for classifying parties, product stores, and geographics into segments (r 5270, 5271)
Base and Framework
  • Postgresql JDBC upgraded to version 8.0-311, now with cursor support. (r 5255)
  • MySQL JDBC driver upgraded to 3.1.10 (r 5266)
  • Added Truition logout code (r 5267)
  • Small fixes for performance improvements (r 5268)
  • Invoice creating services re-factored to use base-level createInvoice services (r 5261, r 5263, r 5264)
  • Invoice status is set to INVOICE_READY for sales invoices and INVOICE_IN_PROCESS for purchase invoices when they are automatically created during order fulfillment workflow (r 5265)
  • Fixed calendar buttons on lookup payment screens (r 5274)
Accounting/GL Implementation
  • Finished services and secas for posting inventory variances to General Ledger
  • Created secas to post invoices to General Ledger in the order fulfillment workflow
  • Finished services for posting payments, including a currency conversion, to General Ledger
  • Finished accounting preference configuration screens.
  • Removed pages for AddArticleComposite and AddContent in forum (r 5256)
  • findCustomTimePeriod is now inclusive on both fromDate and thruDate, ie: fromDate <= findDate <= thruDate (r 5259)
  • toPartyId of returns is now populated with the store's payToPartyId (r 5258)
  • Order manager can now accept products without productTypeId, even though they always should have it. (r 5262)
  • Migrated more pages to the screen-widget, finishing this large re-factoring project (r5246, r5247, r5248, r5272)
  • New services for PartyClassificationGroup plus updates to the PartyClassification services (r 5273)
  • calculateProductPrice now accepts productStoreId as an optional parameter and calculates productStoreGroupId from it. Applications which call it now use it as an input (r 5249, r5250, r5251)
  • Finished converting facility manager to screen widget (r5257)
Web Tools
  • Find generic operations now show a * next to primary key fields (r5252)
  • When importing XML data files from a directory, there is now a check box to select whether the files should be deleted automatically after import (r5253)
  • Format of webtools pages cleaned up (r5254)

Friday, July 01, 2005

OFBiz Development SVN r5245

40 new commits this week. SVN r5245 builds and installs successfully.

Significant changes this week
  1. New order manager feature to add and modify items on an existing order.
  2. Completed migration of Party manager to screen widgets.
  3. New set of reports for manufacturing.
  4. Changed initial and main pages for Accounting, Content, Marketing, and Work Effort applications.
Thanks to our contributors
This week's contributors include Jean-Luc Malet, Jacques Le Roux, Jacopo, David, Andy, and myself.

Entity and Seed Data Changes
  • New UserLoginAndSecurityGroup view-entity of UserLogin and SecurityGroup (r5210)
  • ReturnHeader now has a toPartyId field (r 5224)
  • PartyGroup no longer has a federalTaxId field. It is replaced by PartyTaxInfo (r 5226)
  • Added a new RETAINED_EARNINGS for tracking the retained earnings GL account of a company (r 5232)
  • Income statement GL accounts are now classified as REVENUE, EXPENSE, and INCOME instead of just INCOME and EXPENSE. Most of the old INCOME accounts are now REVENUE accounts. The INCOME accounts are now debit instead of credit accounts (r 5234)
  • New GL account for recording "sales tax collected" revenues (r 5239)
  • View-entity GlAccountAndHistory now has acctgTransTypeId field and a relation to GlAccountHistory, for updating during period closing transactions (r 5240)
  • New Map called "attributes" in the ShoppingCart object (r 5242)
  • new view-entity of GlAccountOrganizationAndClass, combining GlAccountOrganizatino and GlAccountClass. (r 5243)
  • Added back missing NON_POSTING GL account class so OFBiz would install (r 5245)
Base and Framework
  • Fixed jetty, rmi, and test containers with correct shark-container passwords, so the entity engine test suite runs. (r5206)
  • Cleaned up entity engine test suite when testing creation of large number of entities (r5215, r5216)
  • Clean up of common header file (r 5227)
  • Fixed form to update fixed assets (r 5212)
  • Main page now has links to view invoices, payments, agreements, etc. (r 5217)
  • Implemented gift certificate release service, which refunds back to gift certificate but to be used when a release is necessary (r 5225)
Accounting/GL Implementation
  • Finished GL-to-GL export feature.
  • Finished services and screens for closing out accounting periods.
  • Main link now goes to list of Websites. Websites now comes before Surveys in the app bar header (r 5223)
  • Clean ups to edit payment methods script (r5208)
  • Inernationalization patches (r 5214)
  • Manufacturing reports for production runs, package labels, components lists, produced items lists, package contents, etc. (r 5220)
  • Link for main now goes directly to show Campaigns (r 5221)
  • Changed find-by-primary-key to entity-one in ContactListServices (r 5237)
  • Fixed form to select all items on return page (r 5211)
  • Returns now have a toPartyId field, which is filled in based on the payToPartyId of the ProductStore of the order. (If for some reason this is not there, the createOrderHeader service will then look to the return to facility and use its ownerPartyId.) (r 5224)
  • maximumAmountUomId added as an optional input field to interfaceCustRequest service (r 5231)
  • New features to edit order items and add additional items to order for orders (r 5233)
  • Fixed CSS problem with order entry tab bar (r 5238, r5241)
  • Completed conversions from jpublish to screen widgets (r 5207, r 5209, r 5218, r 5219, r 5226, r 5228)
  • Create new party link in party manager fixed (r 5222)
  • Reverted createPerson back to not requiring a partyId as input (r 5235)
  • Create new role page removed, as it is in the view roles page (r 5236)
  • Fixed bug with missing product id after product duplication form is submitted (r 5213)
  • Facilities menu item is now highlighted corrected when selected (r 5229)
Work Effort
  • Main page now goes to "My Tasks" (r 5230)